Reprint Your TGC 118 Application Form Alternative

TGC 118 Application Form Alternative

Problem with the TGC 118 online application form is getting very common now, the actual problem comes when your application get crashed after submitting it and you can’t save it. We have written about some tips on how to overcome TGC 118 application problem, but unfortunately there no link to reprint your TGC 118 application form at present.

TGC 118 Application form is necessary at the time of your TGC-118 SSB Interview, but if you think that you can not attend SSB interview without your online application form printout, that is not correct. Till then you do not have a reprint option for TGC 118, you have another option of using common application form for TGC and SSC tech entries.

You can download the form from the link given below and fill it by hand. This is acceptable at the time of SSB interview.

Please Read this before applying for TGC 118 

Update: May 24, 2013, TGC-118 online application is down for maintenance.

TGC-118 Online Application form is down for maintenance 

How to reprint your TGC-118 application form if you know your candidate ID.

  1. Open any browser.
  2. Copy this link :
  3. Paste the link in your browser’s address bar.
  4. Now replace XXXXXX with your Candidate ID something like ‘442452
  5. Press Enter and you got it.
Now this is not the correct way to do this, but the only way at present, hope this will work for you and Indian Army will provide a correct method to generate/reprint the TGC-118 application form
If you are facing any other problem in TGC 118 registration process do mention it in the comment box below. 
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  • himanshu

    i dont have candidate id how can i reprint form??????????

    • ssbcrack

      Please wait for official solution to this, else you can use common application form.

  • Celio D’costa

    Thank you for your valuable solution however in my case the error occurred but the URL did not show the candidate number which is in five digits…I indian army administration should come up with some solution…!!!

    • ssbcrack

      It will, some maintenace is going on.

      • Celio D’costa

        Thank you…Please do update if there is any update regarding the same…Thank you Very much…!!!

  • worked…..great…..thanx

    • ssbcrack

      Well done 🙂

  • praveen

    Sir,an empty form without roll no has been generated for me after pressing the submit button.How can i get my roll no?Is there is any alternative way to get the form?

    • ssbcrack

      Did you check the link, it has your candidate ID

  • Apollo

    there should be a preview option before final submission.

  • Soumyajeet Mohanty

    Thanks a lot ….a bit of relief got my application page, i had lost hope for any scope of getting back the application page for printout.great work

    • ssbcrack

      great 🙂

  • praveen

    Sir,i don’t have my candidate id.How can i get my form?

  • Shubham

    Sir, The common application is having a field named rollno. to be entered by the candidate, but in my case i am neither having my rollno. nor candidate id but my application is submitted to their databases. Please tell me what should i do??

  • subhashish kundu

    i have applied for the AEC(MEN) and i have the candidate will i reprint my form?

  • virendra

    I am trying to submit my application but my engineering marks not get saved and these marks are compulsory for application.

  • Paramjit Singh

    After filling the form, it is showing wrong information on final page..

  • Sujan Chanti

    sir my engineering marks not saved in application sir