How to Clear Day 1 Screening Test in SSB Interview

The Test comprises of Intelligent Test (O.I.R) and Picture Perception & Discussion Test (P.P.D.T.). The tests are aimed to find out the analyzing ability of the candidate to gauge their inner mind potential.
O.I.R – Officers Intelligence Rating Test
P.P.D.T — Picture Perception & Discussion Test

Importance of O.I.R & P.P.D.T

Most of the candidates are not aware on about the both part of Screening or Phase I Testing importance. First of all candidates must know how these test help them to clearing Phase-I.
So we are discussing first on O.I.R: The marks obtained in this test is mostly used to make the overall merit at national level after recommendation in Phase-II Testing and clearing the Medicals.
Screening PPDT at SSB Bhopal
Screening PPDT at SSB Bhopal

How to Clear Day 1 Screening Test in SSB Interview

But the P.P.D.T: is the most important part of the Phase-I Testing because candidates selection for Phase-II Testing is full depended on it only. Your performance in this test decide that you will stay for another 4 days or not. P.P.D.T has two parts such as:
  • Picture Perception and
  • Discussion Test

Terms in Picture Perception:

  • Candidates have to write a story within 5 minutes 30 seconds though a hazy picture and how to divide this time we mention it below:
    • 30 sec for watching picture only.
    • 1 min for writing some particulars in the available box in the answer sheet, it includes No. of Characters, their Age, Sex & Mood and candidates also mention that what’s going on in the picture in the Action.
    • After that 4 min for writing the Story. It has some important terms such as: Age, Sex, Character, Mood, Past (What he done), Present (What’s going on) and Future (What will he do).
  • When candidates write the story then they must have to show any of the OLQ’s by their central character or hero.
  • Try to give the name of central character is on your friends only because it is rememberable during narration of the story in next part.

Tips in Discussion Test:

  • Narrate your story confidently with good clear voice because the first impression is the last impression and nobody can stop you for 1 min (except assessors).
  • Never look at the officials while narration of the story or while engaging in the discussion.
  • Listen to the speaker don’t look anyway.
  • Keep proper body language as per the Group Discussion because this shows your confidence.
  • Try to talk at least 2 times then definitely you have a chance for selection. It is not necessary to talk all time.
  • Give your ideas & views only don’t argue with others.
  • Keep patient listening, be cool and maintain proper body language.
  • Help the weak members to talk.
  • In the End, keep smiling and walk with head held high & upraised chest. This shows that you are confident in you participation.
Hope this post will help you to understand the basics of Day I Screening test and how you can succesfully clear the screening test. If you have any more suggestions and tips on day one screening test of SSB interview, do write your comments in the box below.
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