How to Write Stories in TAT

How to Write Stories in TAT

TAT stands for thematic appreciation testand it is held on the very first day after the screening test. Candidates who clear Phase -1 test, stay for remaining 5 days. They have to undergo the psychology test on the first day.

The psychology test contains
  • TAT
  • WAT
  • SRT
  • Self Description
How to Write Stories in TAT
TAT is the first test of phase -2 screening. It contains 11+1 pictures. The first 11 pictures contain a series of slides on which you’ll have to write stories on. And the last slide will be a blank slide out of which you can write any story but make sure the story will have your life experiences or problems you have faced and how you overcame those problems. One gets 30 second to see the picture and then 4 minutes for writing a story around it.
TAT is test of your imagination. It’s not a test for beauty of expressions, so, do not use heavy-duty words and do not try to overshow your ideas through writing. You just have to make a story around the picture.
  • The psychologist will test your personality using TAT, WAT, SRT, and self description.
  • All the tests are used for analysing your personality and to check whether you have officers like quality.
  • Always remember, the answers of TAT, WAT, SRT and self description are compared with one another to find out the real personality of the candidate.
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Golden Tips for writing stories in TAT

  • First, look at the pictures carefully showing on the screen and relate to the pictures to form an idea in your mind about the situation.
  • Most likely, it is always easy to form an idea to drive it with a positive approach and then write a story on that idea
  • Write story on that idea which comes to your mind at the very beginning.
  • Each story must have a central character with whom you can identify with. The hero should act in a normal manner to find out the solution of the problem.
  • The story should have some supporting character that can help the main character to come out of the problem.
  • Do not write pre-conceived stories, because the pictures stories are set to an accorded pattern. And if one misses or skips through the loop, the psychologist can easily trace that your story does not follow the psychological pattern which can get you out.
  • To narrate the story, use names of people in your group as the central character. And do not use RAM, SHYAM, SITA, and GEETA as the main character instead.
  • The stories should always reflect your personality. As it will be crosschecked in the WAT, SRT and self description.
  • FOR EXAMPLE- If in a story, you are writing that X is a sportsperson then you should also have played sports in your life.
  •  If you are friendly and lively than it should reflect in the main character’s personality. He should be fun loving and friendly in the story.
  • An important note: Try to portray as many officers like quality you have in your personality in the stories and let it appear in other psyche tests also.
  • The main character has to be positive and bring out the story as a positive one.
Tips to follow when the ideas do not come to your mind, here I am using some examples:
  • If in a picture: A boy’s hand is placed on his head. The idea is: X is a boy, who lost his job in the time of recession. Now, he uses social networking sites to track HRs of different companies, after few months he got an interview call.
  • If in a picture: there are 2 girls. Then the idea is: To interpret one boy and then you can make your situation accordingly to illustrate women empowerment, harassment issue, women education like issues.
  • If in a picture: 2 people are fighting. The idea is – they are performing under karate, taekwondo, or a boxing match

So you can easily make a story by observing a picture carefully and by correlating with a practical problem.

 Anurag Joshi, Editorial Team

Anurag Joshi is a defence aspirants, he has completed Graduate with Electronics subjects. He lives in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. His area of interest are aligns sports, general awareness and social reforms. Mail us to join our editorial team now.

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