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ScreeningPassing Screening Test is A Luck in SSB Interview

Passing Screening Test is A Luck in SSB Interview

We know that passing and surviving in screening is the major challenge for the candidates because no one wants to go back home on the same day ? Its a very bad feeling for us to return home doing nothing, so you must have seen that most of us wants to get in by hook or crook and do something “odd” which spoils the whole screening procedure, sometimes you may think that screening is just depends on the luck and nothing else.
You just need a good day and mood so that you can prepare a good story, also you need a matured group who discuss in well behaved manner and do not create a “Fish Market” as assessors use to say. Do you think it really depends on the luck whether you will be in or out?? because everybody thinks that he has done his best to survive in screening but couldn’t make it, so its all luck isn’t it?? [How to pass PPDT]
A person who got screened out many times or most of the time or ” almost every time” thinks what wrong with me and with my PPDT ?? Candidates should know that this procedure is very crucial, even a Recommended candidate having 100% chances of getting screened out if he/she do not perform up to the mark.As we have already discussed about ” How to pass PPDT ? ” in our blog so do check that out for more help.


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Group Discussion
PPDT is not just on luck, but it depends on your performance and your qualities which you have to show during screening.An assessor wants to select someone who is capable of showing his/her OLQs in rest of the 5 days too and not someone who don’t have it at all( you may have but you didn’t show during screening). What do you mean by qualities, yes qualities comes out from your story and your behavior and attitude during the discussion. So do not just sit there and thinking of some miracle will happen to make you through screening but start performing and you will definitely make it.


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  1. hello sir!
    i had read every information about ssb in your site in every site from ssb crack to naval journey….but non of this site had specifically mentioned anything about phase-1 (screen in) most of the student actually don’t know how to get screen in.but all the site has more concentrated on after screen in Phase-2 do you know how many people came for ssb around 900 to 1200 student are called up in every call up day but in those only 40 to 50 get screened in.
    sir what i am trying to say is please give the student some essential tips to get screened in.every site has written,what is going to happen in the 1st day 1st intelligent test then PPDT.Do you all really know what they need to get screened in what are the things they are looking from us. you all are just wasting time people need to at 1st get screened in then they will think about flat foot or something.
    sir its my request to you and to every site,please show what actually people need don’t show what you site people what to show.

    Regards and cheers

    • Hi Ripon

      Thank you for observing this and pointing out, we do have some articles on screening, hope you have checked them all. Also if you read the experiences of other candidates, you will get some more idea about screening. However I’ll try my best to provide more info soon.

      Thank you

  2. To pass the screening test all u have to do is jst narrate ur story properly and confidently and speek once or twice in gd thats it and surely ur in. best of luck to all of u….



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