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10 Reasons of Getting Screen Out In SSB Interview

If you are nervous it will lower down your performance, you need to believe in yourself and your preparation.

It is very painful getting screened out from stage-I testing of the SSB interview. The screening test is a crucial process and one must be fully prepared for it, clearing screening test puts you in 5 days of stage-II testing. Most of the candidates are not at all aware of what is to be done in the screening tests, but now let’s talk about what is not to be done during the screening tests [PPDT].

ssb psychological tests practice book

The screening test is a day one testing conducted by the board to filter the candidates, assessors are interested in selecting those candidates who show some qualities during the screening test but one who can be a waste for the next five days of testing.

What is Officers’ Intelligence Rating Test

Day-I Screening Tests:

  1. Verbal and Non-Verbal Test
  2. Picture Perception and Discussion Test [PPDT]

Now, the question is which test matters the most? Is it your performance in the verbal and non-verbal tests, your written story, your narration, or the group discussion?

  • Verbal and Non-Verbal: This must be considered at least priority, these tests are very easy and mostly you may find the same set of questions in different boards, however, if you do not perform well in these tests, do not feel nervous because you still have 100% chances of getting screened in. How?
  • Your Story: Your story matters a lot during screening, because it can also make your narration powerful. If you are a not a good writer but you still have a good theme, you can put that while narrating your story.
  • Story Narration: This is the starting point of your real screening test, this is where you start creating the first impression. You need to be full of confidence to narrate your story with correct expressions. You also need to show your communication skills here and believe me it always adds you more points. While narrating story, you are the king because no one disturbs you ( except assessors ) so you need to take the full advantage of this part, but here first impression is the last impression policy might not work.
  • Group Discussion: Up to here you have already created an image of yours in front of assessors, it can be a good or bad, group discussion provide you one more chance to add few more points. You just need to show some maturity at this point, merely shouting won’t help and you may loose more points instead of gaining.

Top Ten Mistake Candidates Do In Screening Test [PPDT]

  1. Nervousness: If you are nervous it will lower down your performance, you need to believe in yourself and your preparation.
  2. Lack of knowledge: If you don’t know about the process in advance, you will definitely loose few marks.
  3. Poor Story: Writing negative stories like suicide, murder etc directly hamper your chance.
  4. Bad Communication Skills: You must know how to speak in English then only assessors and others can understand you. There is another option of Hindi, but if you are choosing it then better pack your bags.
  5. Bad Narration: If you are not confident enough while narrating your story you may spoil half of your marks.
  6. Poor Body Language: Standing up, moving your body parts continuously showing aggression, touching others all these shows low confidence level and badly affect your performance.
  7. Unable to help group: If you are doing something which disturbs your group members then you are doing it really wrong, if you can’t convince them then you should not disturb their performance by shouting or talking continuously.
  8. Selfishness: If you go with only motto of clearing screening then you might make a mistake in nervousness, perhaps you must go with a mindset of helping others by putting group effort to make a common story, it will improve your performance.
  9. Discussion Vs Debate: You must clear yourself on what is the difference between a healthy discussion and a debate.
  10. Liveliness: This is what most of the candidates don’t have, if you can attract group members by the way you narrate and discuss then you will definitely attract assessors. You are suppose to talk with group members in GD else there is no point in attending a group discussion.

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  1. Few more points which are definitely seen:
    1. dont see accesors while narrating the story,even by mistake,not even look to their shoes.
    2. after you have done with your narration,don’t look down,pay attention to the next speaker by looking at him with a smiling face.
    3. Show some body language while discussion is going on,in a way that it shows your group interests.
    4. Smile,smile and smile,dont have a dumb look.

  2. Most guys forget points 8 and 9. At my last SSB, one of the guys was trying to dominate and was also the one who narrated the common story, he totally disregarded the stories narrated by other people and got himself screened out !


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