What is SSB Interview: The Basics 2020

SSB interview is conducted by Services Selection Board for the recruitment of officers. SSB interview is a five days process with include two stage of testing. Only, when a candidate clears Stage I testing goes for Stage-II testing. Lets talk more about what is SSB interview and what are the different SSB boards and tests conducted by them.

If you want to be an officer in Army, Navy or Airforce, you have to attend SSB interview and clear it followed by your medical examination.
ssb interviews question papers and answers

Different Test Conducted by SSB


Different SSB Centre Location

  • Allahabad (11SSB, 14SSB, 18SSB, 19SSB and 34SSB)
  • Bhopal (20SSB, 21SSB, 22SSB )
  • Bangalore (17SSB and 24SSB)
  • Bhopal (33 SSB)
  • Bangalore(12 SSB)
  • Coimbatore
Air Force
  • 1 AFSB, Dehradun
  • 2 AFSB, Mysore
  • 3 AFSB, Gandhinagar
  • 4 AFSB, Varansi

Few facts about SSB Interview

  • One of the toughest interview in the country.
  • One of the longest interview process.
  • SSB  interview is more kind of a personality test.
  • SSB Board check for QLQs in a candidate.
  • Pass rate is very less in SSB interviews.
  • Candidates are accessed by Psychologist, Interviewing officer and GTO.

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