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PsychologyWord Association TestGolden Tips for Word Association Test

Golden Tips for Word Association Test

WAT stands for word association test and it’s the 2nd Psychological test. This test contains 60 different words. Each word is shown through slides for 15 seconds which focuses mainly on candidate’s personality and practice. Candidates are supposed to make out positive sentences on each word shown in the slide. Candidate’s performance depends mainly on “personality” and practice. The time limit for this test is short so a candidate has a very little time to think which drives out the personality of a candidate in the test.

Golden tips to tackle WAT test

  • WAT helps psychologist to understand the real behaviour of the candidate under pressure.
  • WAT totally depends on how you react to words in your real life.
  • A better introspection will help you to know your real personality, your interests, your fears and your weaknesses. By knowing your weaknesses one can work on that and can change them in one’s strengths. It will help you in changing the image of a word in your mind {explained later}.
  • First of all look at the words carefully as it will be shown only for 15 seconds. If you’ll miss even a single word, you’ll miss the whole sequence.
  • As you’ll see the word your mind will form an idea, now it depends on your personality to make a positive idea or a negative idea.
  • Then write a sentence on the idea you have formed. Make sure your writing is legible.
  • There are no negative words, if you’ll look them with a positive approach. Words will work in your favour automatically.
  • Try to practice WAT at your home and make some response sheets. You’ll see the response will automatically will get better and better.
  • You must write at least 6-7 officers like qualities in 60 sentences.
  • Do not use too many sentence on defence forces.
  • Don’t write simple observations
  • Don’t write idioms, phrases, quotations, universal truths. They show lack of original thoughts.
  • Don’t use the word “I or Me” much.
  • Write sentences from human point of view.
Golden Tips for Word Association Test

How to write a positive sentence from a negative word

  • When your reaction to a negative word is positive, it will be easy for you to make a sentence from the word.
  • Form a positive idea from a negative word shown in the slide.
For example– DIE: – Now when we hear die, an image of death comes to our mind. It is natural but a little practice will help you to change the image out of your mind.
Sentence– Indian people are diehard fans of cricket.
Sentence-With Agni- V, Indian security system becomes a deadly combination.
  • Do not use readymade sentence. This will break the pattern of loop created by psychologist.
  • Practice writing negative words, it will help you in changing the image of those words in your mind.

Examples Of Some WAT

  1. Sacrifice- A person with morals never sacrifice with his principles.
  2. Defeat – A winner defeat his weakness.
  3. Danger- Indian defence is always ready for dangerous situations.
  4. Risk- A winner always ready to take calculated risk.
  5. Worry- A fighter never worries about failures.
  6. War- Indian war of independence got tremendous support.
  7. Problem-Proper planning lead to a easy solution of the problem.
  8. Failure-failures are the foundation of success.
  9. Challange-challanges increase the abilities.
  10. Difficult-difficulties are solved by patience.
  11. Fear- winners bravely face his fear.
  12. Aggressive- A leader patiently deals with his team.
  13. Confusion-leaders have a clear vision.
  14. Weapon- weapon is used for protection.
  15. Hijack- commandos are trained for hijack.
From the examples, you can understand how to change the image of the word in your mind and if you’re able to change the image of negative words from your mind, then you’ll be able to tackle your WAT test easily.
The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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