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100 Negative Words You May Face in WAT Word Association Test

Find out the list of negative words in WAT word association test at SSB.

WAT is also known as the Word Association Test. WAT is conducted in SSB Interview during psychological testing. 60 words are shown on a screen one by one, each word is flashed for 15 secs and candidates are required to write their response to that word in under 15 secs. Similarly 60 words are shown on the screen.

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It is a tricky exercise and it tests you by putting severe time constraints. This forces you to give the most genuine answer. It isn’t easy to mask anything in such a short duration of 15 seconds. What puts you in a total dilemma is when negative words are given to you.

100 Negative Words WAT Word Association Test

  1. Anger
  2. Avoid
  3. Awful
  4. Ashamed
  5. Annoy
  6. Abandon
  7. Abuse
  8. Afraid
  9. Alone
  10. Attack
  11. Alcohol
  12. Beg
  13. Bore
  14. Bad
  15. Broken
  16. Blame
  17. Beer
  18. Booze
  19. Bomb
  20. Cannot
  21. Clumsy
  22. Confuse
  23. Cheat
  24. Delay
  25. Danger
  26. Difficult
  27. Dislike
  28. Defeat
  29. Dead
  30. Damage
  31. Deny
  32. Depress
  33. Drug
  34. Dirty
  35. Dishonest
  36. Damage
  37. Divorce
  38. Disease
  39. Dreadful
  40. Disaster
  41. Dumb
  42. Evil
  43. End
  44. Excuse
  45. Embarrass
  46. Enemy
  47. Fear
  48. Fight
  49. Furious
  50. Fault
  51. Fail/Failure
  52. Foul
  53. Fright
  54. Force
  55. False
  56. Gossip
  57. Greed
  58. Guilty
  59. Hate
  60. Hurt
  61. Hide
  62. Hunger
  63. Horrible
  64. Harm/Harmful
  65. Humiliate
  66. Impossible
  67. Ignore
  68. Insecure
  69. Ill
  70. Insane
  71. Inferior
  72. Insult
  73. Jealous
  74. Kill
  75. Lie
  76. Lost/Loose
  77. Miser
  78. No/Not/Never
  79. Offensive
  80. Pain
  81. Pessimist
  82. Problem
  83. Poor
  84. Poison
  85. Quit
  86. Reject
  87. Revenge
  88. Rude
  89. Sad
  90. Sorry
  91. Sorrow
  92. Steal
  93. Suspicious/Suspect
  94. Traitor
  95. Tension
  96. Ugly
  97. Upset
  98. Un-fair,healthy,pleasant,happy,just,favourable,wanted,loved
  99. War
  100. Worthless/Zero

Tips for dealing with Negative word:

  1. Don’t always try to write a positive thing, some things can be written in a negative way but still be good. As for Unemployment, You can write ‘It is the biggest problem of India.
  2. You can change the form of the word like you can make poor as poverty so use this to your advantage.
  3. Write short and snappy responses, do not write big sentences.
  4. If you are not able to think of anything then simply write your reaction with the positive of that negative word.
  5. It is not always necessary to write a full sentence, you can sometimes just write your reaction.
  6. Do not spend much time thinking.
  7. Try not to think about the previous word while moving on to the next.
  8. You can write how you can remove that particular negative thing with some positive thing, like ‘Nervousness can be overcome by preparations’
  9. Be very calm and positive throughout the whole procedure.
  10. Think randomly of negative words and try thinking of responses as soon as possible.
  11. Do not mug up sentences in advance.

It is not possible to collect all negative words here so feel free to comment any negative word in the comment box below. You can also write sample answers and negative words you have faced in your SSB.

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