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WAT Word Association Test Examples

WAT or Word Association Test is a partly guided, subconscious and also the test of your imagination. It is not a sentence making test. This test evaluates your quality of ideas associated with all the 60 words shown on the screen. Do not write quotation in WAT. Do not write borrowed ideas in WAT. Candidates are supposed to make out positive sentences on each word shown in the slide. Candidate’s performance depends mainly on “personality” and practice. The time limit for this test is short so a candidate has a very little time to think which drives out the personality of a candidate in the test.

I am writing some examples of word association test (my individual thoughts) . I hope these examples help you in writing WAT. I have also give the Tips for WAT, you can go and check out the link about the Tips of WAT.

WAT Word Association Test Examples

WAT Examples

  • Easy- Proper planning makes a task easy to execute.
  • Ahead- India’s future is bright ahead.
  • Sacrifice-A team player sacrifice his interests for his team.
  • Happy- Family and friends gives us joy and happiness.
  • Discussion- Discussion leads to understand others better.
  • Satisfaction- Working for country gives utmost satisfaction.
  • Encourage- Team player always encourages his team.
  • System-leader makes a workable and systematic plan.
  • Quick- Spontaneous people quickly adapt things.
  • Judge- P.sathasivam is the Chief justice of India.
  • Women- women are leading our country from the front.
  • Love- Love for country gives strength and optimism.
  • Difficulty- Difficulty serves as an opportunity for a brave man.
  • Duty- Working for the welfare and safety of the country is a duty.
  • Idea- Different ideas help us to find the solution n a short interval of time.
  • Books- Eleanor Catton won 2013 booker prize
  • Future- Hard work in present gives the best in future.
  • Music – Music gives peace, dedication and determination.
  • Error- Errors are removed by revaluation.
  • Work-Hard work, determination and optimism lead us to our aims.
  • Justice – President appoints the chief justice of India.
  • Charity- Altruist people give charity and empower others.
  • Kindness- Altruists people are Kind and generous.
  • Self control- Self control is the character of a leader.
  • Educate- Education aware and empower us.
  • Medicine-Medicines save lives.
  • Exercise – Exercise keeps us physically and mentally fit.
  • Poetry- Poetry fills us with Zeal and enthusiasm.
  • Hard work- A winner always put hard work and dedication in a work.
  • Blood- Blood donation camps help collecting blood.
  • Face- A Brave man always wins over his fear.
  • Snake- Snake poison is used for the manufacturing of medicines.
  • Luck- Luck comes with hard work.
  • Won- Babur won the 1st battle of Panipat.
  • Company- Proper coordination leads a company to greater heights.
  • Attempts- Continuous attempts lead us to our aim.
  • Knowledge- Knowledge becomes the foundation of a great future.
  • Honey- Honey is the outcome of hard work.
  • Tackle- Team  coordination helps in tackling a situation.
  • Punctuality- Punctuality is the character of winners.
  • Reaction- Reactions helps to understand others better.
  • Offer- A friendly person always offer help.
  • Drive- Passion, dedication and determination drives us to our goal.

WAT Examples For Practice

1 Easy
2 Ahead
3 Sacrifice
4 Happy
5 Discussion
6 Satisfaction
7 Encourage
8 System
9 Quick
10 Comfort
11 Judge
12 Women
13 Desire
14 Bold
15 Brave
16 Defeat
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  1. Drive-carefull drive avoid accidant
    Won-indian cricket team won the world cup in 2011
    Love-love is strength of the humenbeing
    Future-good knoladge makes brite future
    Face-i had faced ssb allahbad in 2013


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