The Psychologist Interpretation of WAT

Words in WAT are designed and arranged in such a manner, as to discover spontaneous reaction of the candidate, which helps the psychologist read a candidates’ personality traits. WAT helps psychologist to understand the real behavior of the candidate under pressure. The time limit for this test is short so a candidate has a very little time to think which drives out the personality of a candidate in the test. This test evaluates your quality of ideas associated with all the 60 words shown on the screen. Do not write quotation in WAT. Do not write borrowed ideas in WAT.

Each word is shown through slides for 15 seconds which focuses mainly on candidate’s personality and practice. Candidates are supposed to make out positive sentences on each word shown in the slide. Candidate’s performance depends mainly on “personality” and practice.

The Psychologist Interpretation of WAT

Personality traits assessed in the WAT

  • Alert
  • Cheerful
  • Courage
  • Discipline
  • Energy
  • Honesty
  • Initiative
  • Curiosity
  • Optimism
  • Organisational Ability
  • Self Confidence
  • Generous
  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Progressive
  • Spontaneous
  • Quick
  • Adaptation
  • Energetic
  • Determination
  • Enthusiastic
  • Cooperative
  • Team Player
  • Practical
  • Sense of Responsibility for the Country
  • Unselfishness
  • Hardworking
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I am writing some examples of word association test. I hope these examples help you in writing WAT. I have also give the Tips for WAT, you can go and check out the link about the Tips of WAT.
  • Award
    • A brave parson is awarded for his valor.
    • Hard work is an award itself
  • Atom
    • Atomic power is used in India for electricity and eventually development.
    • India uses its atomic energy for peaceful purpose.
  • Accident
    • Proper execution of traffic laws helps to reduce accident.
    • Strangers accidently become best friends.
  • Assist
    • A team player and a cooperative person assist others in their work.
    • A team player assists his seniors in work.
  • Annoy
    • A cool and patient person don’t get annoyed
  • Agrees
    • A team player easily agrees and, help them in executing a plan.
  • Abuse
    • Gentlemen always use decent tone.
  • Affection
    • We all have affection towards our country.
    • Love and affection makes a person content and lively.
  • Appeal
    • Indian army dress and conduct is very appealing.
  • Accept
    • A leader accepts all the point of views of his team.
    • Leader accepts and takes responsibility for a job.
  • Accomplish
    • A proper planning and execution by a leader accomplish the plan.
  • Attack
    • Indian soldiers are well trained to neutralize attacks.
    • Attacking at the right time leads to an easy win.
  • Army
    • Indian army is the 3rd largest army of the word.
    • Indian army keeps vigil at the border.
    • Indian army is the real hero of our country.
  • Afraid
    • A courageous and a brave person don’t get afraid of impediments.
  • Attempt
    • AA brave person regularly and continuously attempts to reach to his goals
  • Alone
    • Company of friends and family removes loneliness.
  • Avoid
    • Proper planning and execution helps to avoid errors.
  • Active
    • Spontaneous and adaptive people are always active and alert.
  • Admire
    • Courageous and brave acts are always admired.

This test evaluates your quality of ideas associated with all the 60 words shown on the screen. Do not write quotation in WAT. Do not write borrowed ideas in WAT.

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  1. Kuljeet Singh

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    i simple and single thing i understood is that this test is about your approach towards word n that is positive which will come by practice.

  2. Aishwary Shah

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    Please some one explain whether we can use , Eg Rakesh avoid his friends drinking and driving , or Proper planning and execution helps to avoid errors. ,

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