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In Conversation with Supriya Kumari, Recommended For IAF

Everyone here has a dream of joining the most prestigious service of the country by becoming an officer, and everyone wants to make his dream come true. After all, nothing is more fulfilling than achieving a personal goal that you have set for yourself. Whether your aspirations are humble or monumental, achieving your dreams is the best route to happiness and satisfaction. Here, we came up again with one more interview of another recommended candidate to help our readers to know more about ssb interview. We got an opportunity to interview Miss Supriya Kumari who has cleared SSB Interview at 4 AFSB Varanasi. We thank her for sharing her experience with us.

1. First of all heartiest congratulations on clearing SSB.
Supriya:  Thank you so much. 🙂
2. It was your first SSB experience and you got recommended in first attempt, how does it feel?
Supriya: Well feeling after getting closer to something which I always aspired for, is    ineffable.  It’s like dream coming true 🙂
3. How was your SSB experience in total?
Supriya: It was full of excitement all the way. In my room Mig-29 there were 8 girls including me and all were so nice and friendly so in short enjoyed a lot, went on outing, and did pagalpanti. Memorable time it was! 🙂
4. What do you think, is the most difficult part of SSB process?
Supriya:  As per my experience, no testing is difficult but it’s not that easy either as they are assessing real you in different ways.  Whether it’s psycho, GTO or interview, it’s all about being true and being you. If you are thinking in the right and positive way you will never find difficulty anywhere.
5. What motivated you to join Indian Air force?

Supriya: Since I am an army brat so I was always influenced and attracted towards defense services no matter whether it is army, airforce or navy (same answer I gave in interview). The honor, pride, brotherhood we find in defense service is incomparable. And top of all my parent’s dream of seeing me in the uniform always motivated me .:D

In Conversation with Supriya Kumari, Recommended For IAF


6. How did you prepare for AFCAT and AFSB?
Supriya: I started my preparation very late. Since AFSB is totally based on a person’s psychology so my main emphasis was on enhancing my personality traits. So I think self introspection helped me a lot. Apart from that, I worked on general awareness.
7 .Do you think SSB coaching helps aspirants to clear SSB? Did you take any coaching for this?
Supriya: I won’t make any general view about this. If your psychology is good then opting for training is not compulsory. But even then if you want to have detailed knowledge about ssb process then undergoing training is a good choice. Yes, I joined not coaching but a training Institute (training enhances personality while coaching makes you cram) and it helped me a lot 🙂
8. What message would you like to give to fresher for SSB interview?
Supriya:  For fresher, I would suggest just go with clear thoughts, be cooperative, never dominate (very important part of testing), be a good person and you will definitely make it.
9. Thank you so much for speaking with us and all the best for the medical and merit list.
Supriya: Thanks for your best wishes. Hoping for the best 🙂
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