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In Conversation With Sub Inspector Amrinder Singh Who Cleared SSB Interview In 19th Attempt

So we recently posted the SSB interview experience of Amrinder Singh who cleared his SSB interview in 19th attempt. Many aspirants got the motivation from this and they requested us to interview him and ask few questions which would help other aspirants who are preparing for SSB interview. So here we present a small talk with Sub-inspector Amrinder Singh.


1. What motivated you to join the Indian army?

Amrinder Singh: I was born and brought in army cantonments, therefore the charm of wearing uniform was a childhood dream. That dream turned into career aim when I joined Sainik School Kapurthala. During this, there were few officers whose personality and aura inspired me and I wanted to be like them. Moreover it’s not only the job but a life that’s full of different experiences and opportunities to groom you into an all rounder. The charm of wearing uniform and becoming an officer lured me.

2. Do you remember all SSB interview attempts, can you mention them?

Amrinder Singh: Yes I remember all of them and they are mentioned as follows

  1. NDA-120 Jan 2008
  2. NDA-121 sept 2008
  3. TES  Nov 2008
  4. NDA-122 Feb 2009
  5. TES Apr2009
  6. AFCAT Oct 2011
  7. UES Feb 2012
  8. CDS Mar 2012
  9. STL-39 Aug 2012
  10. TGC-116 Nov 2012
  11. AFCAT Dec 2012
  12. STL-40 Jan 2013
  13. TGC-117 May 2013
  14. STL-41 Jul 2013
  15. TGC 118 oct 2013
  16. STL-42 Jan 2014
  17. TGC-119 May 2014
  18. TGC-121 Apr 2015
  19. TGC-122 26-30 Oct 2015


3. You wanted to join the Indian Army, then from where the thought of becoming a Sub-Inspector came to your mind?

Amrinder Singh: Actually after graduating from college I started doing job as an Android Developer in a Private company. I used to give SSBs while working there. But when I applied for leave for the third time while working there, they refused to grant me leave to attend SSB. So I left that job and made up my mind to do govt job as there are no such restrictions there. Therefore I starting preparing for govt jobs and got shortlisted for bank PO, Field officer and Sub-inspector. Then I chose job as a police inspector due to my charm of wearing uniform.


4. Giving so many attempts, was it hard and painful? 

Amrinder Singh: It was quite hard and painful after all many friends stopped believing in me that I could get through, only the 2-3 supported me till end. It is hard to gather courage after every failure attempt and prepare to rise again and move towards your goal. Never say die spirit sustained me through this journey.


5. What do you think worked in your 19th attempt?

Amrinder Singh: The following aspects I think worked in my 19th attempt

  • Amrinder Singh: The following aspects I think worked in my 19th attempt
  • The collective and balanced performance in all three testing techniques.
  • Through self Introspection and learning from previous attempts.
  • There was a gap of around one half year between my last conference as I was screened out last time. In that gap I improved my personality and behavior and tried to inculcate OLQs.
  • Spontaneous responses to psychological tests even the self description (for the first time I wrote SD what
  • came to my mind not cramming the previously prepared).
  • Accepting my weaknesses in the interview.Sub Inspector Amrinder Singh


6. What was your preparation for 19th attempt?

Amrinder Singh: There was no special preparation for 19th attempt but the improvement and introspection I did on daily basis for last 2 years bore the fruit, It was a collective preparation for long time. In my opinion, KNOWING THYSELF and accordingly improving is the basic preparation.7. Any advice for defense aspirants?


7. Any advice for defense aspirants? 

Amrinder Singh: Soldier is who makes a way facing fearful odds. So my advice is never ever give up. Put sincere efforts in preparation.  Self-Introspection and accepting your mistakes helps most in SSB


8. We wish you more success ahead.

Amrinder Singh: Thank you.

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