In Conversation with Jithin Ajith, Recommended for Indian Army (TGC -121)

Jithin Ajith is recommended for the Indian army through TGC 121 course. He will be joining the Indian Military Academy soon for the 1-year basic military training. We had a chance to ask Jithin few question regarding this SSB preparation and his dream to join the Indian armed forces. Hope future warriors and serious aspirants will learn something from this conversation.

In Conversation with Jithin Ajith, Recommended for Indian Army (TGC -121)

1. Hi Jithin, Congratulations, how does it feel to get recommended for the Indian Army?

Jithin : Thank you. Honestly, It’s just a starting step so I am feeling proud and more responsible as I have to deliver more than what they expect from me and I am enjoying it. Actually my father who was a Havildar in the Indian army is happier than me.

2. What motivated you to join the Indian Army?

Jithin : The way other people give respect to my father because of his army background is my primary motivation. And I always like to live very disciplined life and instead of money I wish to earn respect in my life no matter what profession I choose. Serving the nation through Indian army is the best way to do that.

In Conversation with Jithin Ajith, Recommended for Indian Army (TGC -121)

3. Many people choose a lavish life of IT sector, as you are working for an MNC, don’t you think life would be tougher in the Army when compared to an MNC. What do you think?

Jithin : It’s all about what you think of your life. Whether you need to play safe or take a risk in your life. MNC job is too boring for me. I had asked my senior colleague about life in IT as I have been working only for one year and not a single person recommended me to stay in IT. More than that I only  considered my software job as to improve my soft skills so that I can perform more in SSB. I like challenges and always want to be out of my comfort zone to check myself that how I discover and survive. I believe it’s a way to grow up. The Indian army provides me the same.

4. How did you prepare for your SSB Interview? What special preparation you have done?

Jithin : I did practice in Psychological tests. Especially for the screening test. I was only focusing on how to improve my personality instead of thinking about the result. I read SSB experience of lots of successful candidates and where others went wrong. I planned how should I project myself and not to fake at all in any level of the interview. More importantly I improved my voice clarity so that it will give me a good impression on others. Everything else I left to god and believed myself.

5. What was your strategy during the personal interview, psychology, and GTO?

Jithin :  TGC 121 was my second attempt as first one was TES 10+2 at Bhopal where I got screened out. I know my weakness is the greatest strength for me. My strategy for the psychological test was to be spontaneous and project my thoughts in a proper manner. I never true to mug up answers from any ssb interview books. I never lost in thoughts during the test or get tensed. I was alert and attempted max questions in WAT and SRT, didn’t miss any questions in between during the respective tests. I improved and my gk for interview and gd sessions. It helped me in lecturette as well. I focused on current international issues, terrorist organizations, geography  and history of India etc. I was brutally honest during the interview and   it helped me a lot to score in same.It was not like a corporate interview. The interviewer asked a several question in which I didn’t answer. However, I was honest to myself by saying I don’t know if I couldn’t answer. Physical stamina and alertness are an important factor in GTO tasks. I was able to mingle with my teammates well before the GTO tasks which gave me an added advantage that I was able to show my potential to GTO. I was always with my team. My contribution was very less in PGT however I performed well in  command task and I was able to show that I can grasp things pretty fast and implement them.

6. What do you want to suggest other aspirants?

Jithin : True to yourself and show your best in SSB. Don’t give everything to god but work hard and harder. Only focus on SSB process and not to results. Don’t think you will also get a same experience like me during SSB. It may be different and be prepared for that.

7. We wish you more success. Thank you.

Jithin : Thank you so much to SSB Crack for giving me an opportunity to share my experience.

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