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Screened Out’s Exclusive: 10 Tips to Perform Well in Screening

Write a sensible story on the picture you see, never write a story which you have made previously, which has no connection with the shown picture.

There are a few candidates who are not able to clear the first stage of screening and thus return back on the first day itself. The first stage testing is also called the screening test. Screening basically comprises of two tests, Officers Intelligence and Rating Test (OIR) and PicturePerception and Discussion Test (PPDT). Both the tests hold equal importance and if you are not able perform well in any one of them; chances are that you might be screened out. Some of you must be those unlucky few who have been screened out many times; here are a few tips for you to perform well in screening:

oir test and ppdt

 10 Tips to Perform Well in Screening

  1. The most important thing is remove the myth from your mind that OIR is less importance. A certain level of basic intelligence is importance, and you need to perform well in this test. So just keep in mind that both the tests are equally important.
  2. Practice the reasoning questions before going for SSB. The reason why OIR becomes more important is because many times there are cases where the Discussion of PP&DT becomes like a fish market, then there may be chances that your OIR score will be given weightage, so why take a risk with it.
  3. Write a sensible story on the picture you see, never write a story which you have made previously, which has no connection with the shown picture.
  4. Listen to the instructions in the tests very carefully, this point is very important. You need to adhere to the instructions very closely.
  5. While saying your story, i.e. during narration make eye contact with every candidate, do not look at the board members. Narrate your story confidently, giving an account of the action, age mood and sex of the hero.
  6. When somebody is speaking listen to their story carefully. You should look interested. Make eye contact with the speaker, and you need to actually listen to their points because you can use them in the discussion that follow, you can give references, that will definitely have a good impact.
  7. When the discussion starts it is never necessary to be the first speaker.  Speak when there is a little pause. Speak a point which has impact. Your voice should be strong, loud but not rude.
  8. You must speak relevant points and take the group towards a common conclusion. A good leader is the one who contributes in forming a decision. Never keep on beating about the bush, i.e. repeating the same point and if your group is going against your choice also then too contribute positively, it is group exercise remember that.
  9. While speaking and listening maintain a correct posture. Do not lean or use too many gestures. Your posture should reflect your confidence.
  10. Go with a fresh mind, thinking that you have never faced this, never think about your previous failures, just focus on the upcoming task, keep in mind that this time you’ll do it.

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  1. Hello friend. Today I’v got screened out from 12-ssb Bangalore.Our GD was like a fish market,no body has spoke anything,only shouting “let me speak,let me speak”& every body shouted their own in same time, but out of 13, 4 were selected from our group.This was my 2nd attempt(1st-conference out from 33-bhopal). Any way I’m going to attain Army tech-44 Bhopal on Dec 10.


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