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After having discussed the psychological tests, we now come to the first part of the GTO series, the Group Discussions (GD). As mentioned earlier, communication is a pivotal aspect of one’s personality. You can make or break your career with your communication. Hence for gauging the candidate’s potential to grasp things effectively, propound his ideas coherently group discussions are conducted as a part of GTO (Group Testing Officer) series.

Basics of Group Discussion CONDUCT OF GROUP DISCUSSION

Before the start of the GTO tasks, you will be divided into a group of 8-12 individuals. A group testing Basics Of Group Discussionofficer will brief you regarding the procedure of the group discussion and will try to make you feel at ease. Generally, you will be made to sit in a semi circle according to your chest numbers.  Then the GTO will give you two – three topics for group discussion. For example India and its relations with its neighbours, the causes of corruption in our society, why the youth of this country doesn’t want to join the armed forces etc. You (Your group) will have to choose a topic of your choice. After this, the GTO will give you 15-20 minutes for the group discussion. He will say “, Gentlemen you may start speaking”.  After this caution, every group member is free to speak out his mind about the topic given. There is no moderator in the group discussion and therefore, no one will try to help you to speak. You have to take initiative to speak out. If you have spoken once you may speak again if you feel the need to. The Group Testing Officer will secretly be marking all of you from a distance. After the first group discussion, a second group discussion will take place. This time there will be no choice in the topics. The GTO will give a topic of his own and you will have to repeat the same procedure which you had done in your previous group discussion. The GTO tries to give a second chance to the candidates who haven’t spoken. He also uses this opportunity to confirm his initial evaluation/observation of candidates. In the second Group discussion too, you will be given 15-20 minutes. After this GTO will congratulate every one of you and take you towards the next task for the day.

Basics of Group Discussion IMPORTANT TIPS

  • Listen to the GTO briefing very carefully even if you are an SSB veteran. There will be hints in his speech which will come handy during the group discussion
  • Immediately start thinking on the topics which he has mentioned.
  • As soon as the GTO cautions the group to start, be ready to speak.
  • It is good if you initiate the group discussion. If you are not able to initiate the group discussion, at least try to be amongst the first 3-4 speakers. The later you speak, the greater are the chances of someone else speaking what you had thought.
  • Do not look at the GTO to ensure that he is listening to you. He is very adept at his work; it is advised that you mind your own business.
  • Listen to others carefully. You can either add to their point or refute what they had said.
  • Always think before speaking. Though people might be speaking up whatever they liked, you should not forget that you have come here to get selected as an officer in the armed forces. You should sound convincing.
  • Put forward rational and logical ideas. They will enable you to get the attention and respect of the group
  • Never get swayed away by emotions. It is GD, not a debate
  • Whatever you may do, behave like a gentleman, a future officer of the armed forces. 

Friends, group discussion is a very important aspect of the whole SSB interview process. It is imperative that you do not take it lightly. To have an edge over other candidates, you must have deep knowledge about the state of country, recent happenings in and around the world and certain basic topics. It was said long ago that “, Knowledge is Power” but this holds true even today.

I hope that the concept of Group discussion is clear in your minds, kindly post your views and feedback on the comment box below. You can also contact me on for further clarifications. Keep Visiting SSBCRACK. JAI HIND.

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