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How North Korea Is Emerging As A Threat?

With all efforts to maintain peace in the territory, where south china sea, east china sea and marshal island concerns are still an unsolved dilemma, North Korea is rising as another cause of concern for Asian and western powers.

Recently, North Korea fired a short-range missile. Sources stated that North Korea also tried to jam GPS service. The jamming, however, did not cause any disruption in any field in South Korea. But the fishing boats felt problem in navigation and some of them were forced to reach back to the ports. South Korea alleges the attempts of such jamming by North Korea in past. South Korean agencies voiced to take suitable steps, if such attempts were repeated, as these could take the military and safety in danger. It is also alleged that North Korea has tested many short-range missiles in the last few months.

Earlier, North Korea was reported to have done similar trails, which took it into the middle of controversies.

H-bomb Test – A mild earthquake in and around the North Korean territory and subsequent announcement of a successful hydrogen bomb test took all the superpowers into confusion. The news erupted huge dissatisfaction from other nations and meeting and discussions got organised among leaders. US geological survey stated the occurrence of 5.1 magnitude earthquake. But as per the experts, the blast was not equivalent to the detonation of any thermonuclear device. The experts also suggested that the explosion might be boosted, which used a very small amount of nuclear fusion. A news was also surfaced that if this was a failed attempt, then there must be a project related to it, going underneath.

Missile Disguised As Satellite Rocket – As per the state TV channels, North Korea launched a satellite, named Kwangmyongsong- 4 satellite. The US officials stated that the rocket used to launch satellite could deliver a nuclear warhead. Earlier china and the Soviet Union were said to have used similar Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) to launch satellites.  Experts also believe that North Korea may possess about 100 or more nuclear weapons, which could be a threat in future.

Banning Social Media And Other Websites – North Korea has taken a crucial step of blocking heavily used websites like Facebook, twitter, and other western websites including some South Korean websites. The step was supposed to be taken in order to stop the spreading of confidential information through the Internet.

Further sanctions against North Korea – US and other allies have imposed sanctions over North Korea. South Korea seems to be hard toward its north bifurcated part. Following the missile test, US has imposed more tough sanctions over North Korea. Sanctions were also imposed over shipping networks, due to the movement of weapons and equipment’s, which were banned by U.N resolution. While North Korea refused to follow the sanctions.

Conclusion – North Korea is surviving in an isolation and truce with South Korea and other nations. Tough and non-required rules, imposed by North Korea for its own citizens and non- cooperation with other nation, can take it into trouble. North Korea had earlier went into trouble due to NPT. And now, Secret missile launches have become a casual task for this nation and its activities in this field can take it down.

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Ravinder Tanwar
Ravinder Tanwarhttps://ssbcrack.com/
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