NDA vs TES: Which Is A Better Way To Join Army After 12th?

Completion of 12th is the major milestone in a student’s life. It is from here that the following journey of his life will be decided. Many might not know what they are going to do next while many already have plans.

For those who chose to join the defence, there stands a direct chance for them to make it through NDA or TES. While both entries are after twelfth, there is a huge difference between the two. So the question is, which is the better way to join the army after 12th, NDA or TES?

So, let’s compare the difference between the two entries and form a conclusion:

Students from all streams can appear after 12th. Only students from MPC can apply after 12th.
You can join either of Army, Navy or Air Force. You get to join only the army. There is a similar entry in Navy, B.Tech Direct Entry Scheme, through which you can join Navy directly after 12th.
You need to clear the written exam. You directly go for SSB interview if you have more than 75% aggregate in MPC.
You will earn a BSc. or BA degree after 3 years in NDA and then spend 1 year pre-commission training at IMA. You will graduate with an engineering degree after 5 years – 1 year at OTA Gaya for basic military training and 4 years at respective colleges for specialised training.
Suited for everyone. Degrees provided are of BSc or BA which makes academics a bit easier to manage. Suited if you have interest in engineering and technology and like technical stuff like Artillery, Signals, EME, etc.
Joins the fighting arms like Infantry, Artillery, Para, Army Aviation, etc. Hardly gets a chance to join the fighting arm. They act as a support to the fighting arms.

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So, while both entries have their own merits and demerits, there is a chance for you to join the army either way. So applying for TES after 12th and at the same time writing the NDA exam to get into the NDA will do just fine. Keeping all options open is always a good idea.

But thinking of a broader image, if you want to join the fighting arms and wanted to be called as an ex-NDA, go for NDA; and if you don’t want to give any more competitive exams after 12th, go for TES. Also, there are more chances of promotions in the fighting arms than in the supporting arms.

So, it’s your decision now. Give it a break and choose wisely.

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