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5 Strategic Moves By India to Counter China’s Aggression


China has always wanted to dominate the Asian peninsula for a long time. With India growing both militarily and economically china has tried to suppress this with a series of  strategical moves. But India is not far behind, it is sensible and over a period has made sure that it is fully capable of sustaining anything that the Chinese throw at it. The south china sea issues were largely debated and the world looked at the big brother of south Asia ie India to do something to it, If you watch closely India did more than what the world wanted. We take you through few of the Key moves of India to counter the Chinese.



  1.  Improved Relationship with the United States

The US is probably the best ally to counter the Chinese. The US will help India for 2 major reasons, one they don’t like the communist country and two, India is the only best fighter against china in the area. With recent bonding over LEMOA, BECA, CIMOA the security support looks more reinforced. The US is also looking to share material with India ie  Help in making VISHAAL, EMALS Tech, etc the move to hold US close is apparently brilliant!

2. Winning the trust of ASEAN nations

The South china sea countries have almost always been harassed by the stronghold of china. India was instrumental in bringing the world forces together to hold on of the largest exercises FORCE 18 which enabled India to bond with the ASEAN nations better and build the trust with them.

3. Military Excercise With Nations in China’s Backyard

It is Important for India to be well versed with the sea in that area and for that, it has been constantly doing military exercises in that area with nations along the Chinese area. The improved military bonding with japan and Korea are a key hold. Further India is looking to train ASEAN nation’s navy, this is seen as an opportunity as a show off to increase Indian presence in the area.

4. Defence Sale to far east nations

India has been looking to find a market in the far east nations which will help them to establish itself in the countries and in turn step up military action to protect these establishments. The recent development of sale of Bhramos to Vietnam is a great example, the move to step up to the military partnership with Singapore significant and India’s plan to sell kamorta class frigate to the Philippines.

5. Building up ports in the region

India has also shown a great level of importance to build ports along the region. The Andaman region is going under the military development which was overlooked for many years. The deployment of more reconnaissance vessels and aircraft show the strategic importance of the islands. India is also looking for an opportunity to build the payra port in Bangladesh which helps it to maintain the SEZ of ASEAN region where china is looking to extend its hold. Laos is also under the Indian radar where India will help build a port too.

Vignesh Krishnan
Vignesh Krishnan
A Happy go lucky engineering grad currently working as a freelancer and preparing for defense exams. Apart from that am an avid trekker, marathon runner and a patriot.



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