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Latest Group Discussion Topic 2022

The GTO Day comprises of many tasks which starts with G.D.. Group discussion is the task that is conducted on the 3rd day of SSB schedule i.e. after psychology. The task constitutes 2 G.D., where a topic is given with 3 subtopics. The candidates have to discuss over the sub-topics in a gentle behavior. The candidates who are going to SSB in upcoming weeks need to go through some of the recently mentioned G.D topics which are given below.

  1. Russian Ukraine War
  2. Crude Oil Prices
  3. PayTm and Google Pay
  4. India’s Role in Future of Afghanistan
  5. Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Relationship between United States, India, Japan and Australia)
  6. Drone Rules 2021 – Pros & Cons
  7. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) impact on Indian and Global economy
  8. Farm Bills 2020 – Pros, Cons & Challenges
  9. Farmer’s Protest in India
  10. Ban on Chinese Apps in India
  11. Modernisation of Indian Army, Air Force and Navy
  12. Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan
  13. E-Learning – Past, Present and Future
  14. COVID-19 and Health infrastructure of India
  15. Indian Economy – Past, Present and Future
  16. Budget 2022 – Pro and Cons
  17. Should public sector banks be privatised?
  18. Privatisation of Indian Railways/Trains
  19. Work from home – Pros & Cons
  20. Influence of Social Media on Youth
  21. OTT platforms and censorship
  22. National Education Policy (NEP)
  23. India-China relations 2022
  24. Unemployment in India
  25. India as superpower
  26. Startups In India
  27. Frauds by established Indian firms
  28. HIB visa
  29. India’s NSG membership
  30. South china sea
  31. Use of Renewable energy in India
  32. Social media – bringing change in society, making people edict, misguiding people
  33. Use of war machines in battles
  34. Is it better to put women in fighting role in Indian armed forces
  35. How pollution level in metro cities can be controlled
  36. Demonetization
  37. How lack of efficient teachers in government school effecting he education system
  38. Use of the Internet to support anti-social activities
  39. How Cashless economy is a better way to support development
  40. Agitation related to the reservation
  41. Is cricket suppressing other sports in India
  42. High performance of Indian players in Olympics
  43. Naxalisam – shrinking or swallowing
  44. Women security and crime against women
  45. Nuclear energy and its use as weapon
  46. Immigration restrictions by U.S. government
  47. Drug smuggling and human trafficking across the border
  48. Which should be preferred – Indigenisation, Foreign Procurement, Private Firms In Defense Manufacturing
  49. Which should be focused first – infrastructure, health or education
  50. Black money and laundering
  51. India’s performance in ease of doing business
  52. Financial inclusion – a social initiative, a bottleneck for demonetization or a step to modernize India
  53. E-education – will widen the education reach, reduces practical knowledge, only affordable to middle and upper class
  54. Effect of television and social media on new generation
  55. Future of robotics and artificial intelligence
  56. Effect of western culture on India
  57. NGO freedom and functioning in India
  58. Bad air quality of metro cities
  59. Atrocities against animals in religious games
  60. Glacier melting and sea level rising, climate change
  61. Maritime issues and Indian ocean possession issues
  62. Autonomy to sports body
  63. Derailment incidents in Indian
  64. Wireless telecommunication – effect on health, high connectivity, prone to data leakage
  65. Banking can be accelerated by – financial inclusion, using postal service as bank , initiating payment banks
  66. Combat role of women in Indian armed forces
  67. Space exploration by ISRO
  68. China Pakistan partnership replacing Indian economy
  69. Which is a better way to drive the economy to a cashless phase
  70. Censorship on movies and cyber contents
  71. Elections reforms – NOTA, educational qualification for politicians, more transparent election procedure
  72. Cause of agitation among people – religion, reservation, human rights
  73. Dependency on technology
  74. Terrorism and infiltration
  75. Hurdles in sports fields in India
  76. Which is the top health hazard – junk food, pollution, drug resistant pathogens
  1. What is the major cause of intense civil agitation in Kashmir?
  • Incapable government
  • Religious superiority
  1. How escalating pollution rate in India can be controlled?
  • By opting new social initiatives and traffic rules
  • Social awareness
  • Using new technology and reducing dependence over fossil fuels
  1. Live in relations are increasing in India. What is the cause behind it?
  • Western culture
  • Unstable relations
  • Lack of parent interaction with children
  1. The performance of India in sports has gone down. What can be a possible cause of it?
  • Burden of studies has increased
  • Lack of infrastructure and financial support
  • Lack of reach of selection committee to every corner of the nation
  1. What can bring more development in India?
  • Educational development
  • Economic boosting
  • Gearing up employment rate
  1. How criminalization can be checked in India?
  • Involvement of technology
  • Change in rules and penalties
  • By providing limited powers to people
  1. Which plays crucial role in maintaining democracy in India?
  • Media
  • Political parties
  • Citizen of India
  1. Draught situations have effected which field of India?
  • Industrial output
  • Normal population
  • International exports
  1. What must be done to improve the education system of India?
  • Implementation of new acts and laws
  • Removing commercialization of education
  • Focusing on skills rather than theoretical knowledge
  1. Many bulk data websites have been banned by telecom authorities.
  • Help in educational purpose
  • Help bulk data distribution
  • Violates copy write laws

Conclusion – Group Discussion require controlled way to express your thoughts in front of group with good and effective points. It requires your confidence and logical approach to give your humble point in a best possible way. The topics are generally related to the current social and economic issues. Practicing for them with your friends or group of candidates and prepare yourself for it and enhance your performance.

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