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50 GD Topics for Indian Army SSB Interview

The performance of the candidates in the GTO is decided in few initial tests and the remaining tests are to check and decide the candidate’s qualities. The first test in GTO is the group discussion. There are 2 group discussions in the test which have 3 leads and candidate has to hold any on lead and give his point over it. The test is to check the behavior of the candidate in a social group and how he behaves in pressure.


Table of Contents

Things to maintain in GD

–    Voice Tone

–    Quality of point (the comment should have more knowledge or logic rather than language)

–    Posture and body movement

–    Eye contact and coordination with other candidates

So below are some GD topics that will help you in practicing for the GD in the army SSB

  1. Unified taxation like GST is good or not?

  2. What should be changed in the education system? Syllabus, teaching techniques, teacher’s training procedure

  3. Global warming is at its peak. What is the chief cause? – Industrialization, intense use of technology, deteriorating existing natural resources

  4. How can India become a super power? – using technology, conserving natural resources, strengthening military

  5. The level of pollution in metro cities is going high. How can it be checked? – using rules like odd even, enhancing public transport, popularizing solar/electric vehicles

  6. Should English be provided more important to increase the development or not?

  7. What should be done to solve reservation problems? – Economic reservation, revision of reservation policy, reservation should be lifted

  8. How can North Indian states be developed to next level? – increasing connectivity, supporting infrastructure, using the army to develop the states

  9. How be cruelty against animals stopped? Using laws or social awareness

  10. How be transparency in governance raised?

  11. is technology like Aadhaar good or can be a problem for the nation?

  12. What should be focused to increase cleanliness? Solid waste management, open defecation free, participation of people

  13. Who can impart sex education better? – Parents, peer, teachers

  14. Should prostitution be legalized or not?

  15. Should cricket gambling be legalized or not?

  16. Which should be made strong to make India more developed? Media, police, NGOs

  17. Who is responsible for the truce in J and K? – Inefficient government, Pakistan, local political parties.

  18. What is the root cause of an increase in crime rate in India? – Unbalanced society, western influence, social media

  19. What is the cause of bad sports environment? – Over publicity of cricket, bad infrastructure marks oriented education

  20. On what should the government spend more? – Health, education, defense

  21. Should computer education be made compulsory in schools?

  22. Should basic military training be made compulsory in schools?

    Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)

  23. Should education be privatized or not?

  24. Who is responsible for marinating law and order in the country – military and police, government, countrymen?

  25. Who is responsible for the high pollution level – industrial pollution, growing population, deforestation?

  26. Where should India incline for better development – USA, Russia, China and other neighbors?

  27. Why there is a huge pressure over youth? – Because of parents, the dearth of employment opportunities menaces like drugs and alcohol

  28. Why are some states constantly showing no sign of development?

  29. What is the reason behind the rise in inflation and unstable market conditions?

  30. Which nation will be a super power in future? India, North Korea, Israel

  31. Over what should India focus first? Techno-diplomacy, look east policy, economic ties

  32. Live in relations? Is it good or not right?

  33. Which is the biggest problem in rural India? Agriculture downfall, social practices like honor killing, lack of significant development rate.

  34. E-commerce and e-business are on rising. Is it good or not?

  35. What is the biggest problem for India from China’s side? The South China Sea, border intrusions, OBOR.

  36. What is the reason behind dowry customs in India? Male dominated society, loose rules, and laws,

  37. Road and rail accident are increasing. How can these be checked?

  38. In past 20 years, in which field has India done well? Space technology, defense, and health

  39. Crime against women is on rising, how it can be reduced?

  40. Is surrogacy a good thing or should be stopped in India?

  41. Has demonetization brought the expected outcome or got failed to deliver the targets?

  42. Several pirated books and educational material is available on the internet? Is it right or should be checked?

  43. The demand of separate states in increasing. Why? Social incompatibility, political reasons, lack of government policies

  44. Old age homes are on rising. What is the reason behind it?

  45. How can black money dumping be stopped?

  46. Where should India increase its spending of the budget? – Health, education, defense

  47. What is the biggest drawback of modern media? Paid news, over publicity, showing confidential information

  48. What is the major cause of militancy in India? – Foreign secret agencies, government’s inefficiency, militant groups in India.

  49. How women’s participation in development be increased – reservation, social awareness, strengthen education facilities for women

  50. What will improve the employment opportunities for youth? Skill development programs, supporting sports field, changing education pattern

Conclusion – The above topics will give you enough practice to speak in group discussion and lecturatte. The candidates should give positive points regarding the subtopic of his choice and consistently make efforts in giving productive points with supportive comments. Make sure you give chance to others also to speak and give your genuine point to take discussion ahead.

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