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Major Issues Between India And China

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India and China share a good history of the bilateral relations with a brief economic and social conjunctions. The relations got sour after 1962, when the two nations had a war between them. From then, several issues have emerged between the nations. The most recent being the Doklam dispute that China claims as its terror. It is a tri-junction between the India, China and Bhutan. The issues between the two nations have been asked in the SSB and the aspirants need to stay aware of it. So here is a crisp summary of issues between India and China.

LAC issues – Border demarcation has been a major issue between India and China. Currently, the line considered as border is a ceasefire. The McMohan line was demarcated in 1914.  The area of Aksai chin in the north India has been captured by the Chinese authorities and a significant part of the north eastern states of India, especially Arunachal Pradesh is always considered as its part. China always tries to keep India engaged in a strategic pressure from both the sides. China’s intrusions in Daulat Beg Oldi and Chumar sector were criticised and apparently triggered a reaction from the Indian side. Similar stands off between the Indian and Chinese sides have made conflicting border issues between the two nations. In the beginning of this year, China has officially changed the names of a few places in Arunachal Pradesh, without consent or intimation to India, leading to the cross action from India.

Water Disputes – The 4 Rivers flowing from China to India are the crucial source of water for some Indian states. China has constructed some dams over them and is expected to construct few more on them for diverting the water, which adversely affects the water flow in India. Languchen Khabab, Tackok Khabab, Ma Cha Khabab, Senge Khabab are the 4 rivers that originate from Tibet and comes into the Indian Territory.

Dali Lama – India’s step to shelter Dalai Lama, who has taken shelter in Dharamshala, after his exile. The migration of around 1 lakh Tibetan residents is also a bone of contention between for China. China has alleged that Dalai Lama is provoking people in Tibet against China. Similarly, anti-social activists in India are always considered as the problem by China.

Passage of CPEC through PoK – The passage of the CPEC network from the disputed land between Pakistan and India is also an issue of the disturbance between the two nations. China is keenly involved in its silk route revival project and CPEC is an offshoot of it. The passage of this route through the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (Karakoram Highway) is being countered by India.

Apart from these, China has accelerated construction of the roads and rail network along India China border. China is constantly interfering in Indian affairs and trying to get the confidence of south Asian nation which is dependent on India. China has also been seen indulging in South China Sea dispute. But being a border sharer with India and using its veto power in NSG and other international decisions, China has always stood in the on the opposite stand of India. China is also providing crucial facilities like Dam construction, optic fiber network etc. to Nepal which is mostly dependent on India for its cross border trades and business. India is firm on its stand and is focussing on maintaining the harmony and peace between the borders. Side by side India has kept its armed forces on the toes for any disturbing situation.

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