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13 Tips To Prepare For CDS SSB Interview

The candidates who have cleared CDSE are waiting for their SSB call now. In this article, we will give tips for the candidates on what to do in the meanwhile and how to prepare for CDSE SSB interview.

CDSE is one of the ways to get into the Army, Navy and Air Force. The marks of CDSE are scaled down to 100 to prepare the final merit list.

However, SSB for the CDSE candidates are not like the direct entry candidates. Candidates appearing for CDSE are expected to be more serious, having good knowledge. The level of knowledge of a CDSE candidate appearing for SSB is generally more than those coming for direct entries. But since, SSB is a test of personality, knowledge plays less important role here.

The candidates who have cleared CDSE are waiting for their SSB call now. In this article, we will give tips for the candidates on what to do in the meanwhile and how to prepare for CDSE SSB interview.

  1. Start your preparations by running daily. CDSE guys are looked upon as ‘padhakoo guys’ who are not physically fit. Physical fitness does not really play a very important role in SSB for an average fit youth, but running regularly helps you maintain a sense of discipline and motivation.
  2. Enhance your thinking by being more realistic. Think of every situation in your life as SRT and how would you react to it. Every word you see on a billboard or an advertisement, try to make out a positive sentence out of it.
  3. Start spending more time with your friends/colleagues. This will improve your social skills and make you more confident. The time you are in the group – think of every discussion as a GD/GPE and practice how will you perform in the real GD/GPE. Just do not let anyone in the group know about it because that is most natural self they can discuss about it.
  4. Start reading newspapers and current affairs. There are plenty of articles in the newspaper through which you can practice your TAT and have ideas for stories.
  5. Introspect yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. It is to be noted that knowing your weakness is more important than knowing your strengths. That’s what differentiates a wise man from others. Do not have a feeling that you do not have any weakness – there is no perfect candidate.

After Getting Your Call Letter:

  1. Know the SSB procedure inside out. Know every test you are going to give. If you are a repeater and not recommended, forget that you are a repeater (except from writing in PIQs). Learn from your previous mistakes, and bash on regardless.
  2. The first thing after you get your call letter is to book your train tickets to avoid travelling in Waiting List. Keep a printout of ticket if you have to claim TA.
  3. Arrange all your documents as written in the call up letter. Make sure you do this on the day of receiving the call letter. If you’re a student, you need to get annexures signed (as specified) and attest certificates (if originals are in college/company).
  4. Revise your academic knowledge. This shows that you are responsible enough to attend college/school an understanding enough to grasp your subject knowledge.
Some tips to keep in mind while preparing:
  1. Coaching: Taking coaching can have both good and adverse effects. I’ve seen people taking coaching on 10th attempt and getting recommended, and at the same time, recommended candidate taking coaching in hope to get into merit next time and getting screen out. From my personal opinion and experience, I suggest do not go to the reputed and famous coaching/personality development class/preparation academy/introspection academy/power packed class/defence orientation or whatever bullshit they are calling themselves this Sunday. The point is, when you go to one of these classes, their sole aim is to churn money. THIS IS A BUSINESS FOR THEM. If not, they’d have given free assessments or low-cost assessments. If at all, you feel you need some guidance, go to the ones which are not very famous/have less people attending – your aim is the same – to get acquainted to SSB procedure. SSB is not some test that you take coaching and pass.
  2. Do not take advises from recommended candidates. It is very common that candidates who get recommended becomes SSB guru all of a sudden. Every candidate have different personality. He was recommended due to his personality traits. And the advice he gives you is based on HIS personality traits. You will be least benefitted from it, unless you have the same personality. Instead, the best you can get out of them is their experience and how they performed in their tests.
  3. Practice writing a PIQ and remember everything you write in it. Here is a sample PIQ for your practice.

Prepare a good SD. Every para could be of 4-7 lines. Take real advice from your parents/teachers/friends, including negative qualities. Write those negative qualities, work upon them and improve on it.

Download important ebooks

How to prepare for SSB?

I have told not to go to coaching academies. The question rises here then how to prepare for SSB. I’ve seen both the sides – attempt with coaching and without coaching.

Internet is a wonderful thing, my friend. Every question, every doubt, you can get it cleared here. There are also wonderful videos on YouTube by an ex-assessor who explains everything wonderfully, free of cost – the same thing that coachings charge you for. Avoid random SSB videos on YouTube and courses which no authenticity and reivews.

Take coaching if you are lazy, feel under-confident, couldn’t prepare on your own and have lot of money to spend (are you an officer material, in this case?).

Do not take coaching if you read SSBCrack regularly. Read each and every experience of candidates from here. Find out all the things they did were common and incorporate those. I leave this job to you.

Quora is also a wonderful place to get knowledge on SSB. Follow the correct topics for it. Also, purchase good SSB books and read all of them and find what is one common thing that every publisher tries to convey. This way, you will be more confident.

PS: Taking coaching is not bad. Just that for most of the academies it is more of a business nowadays, so choose a better academy.

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