Recommended For Indian Navy From 12 SSB

Hello friends, my name is ARJUN KAPOOR and I got recommended from 12 SSB Bangalore for INA- PC(NAIC) I have completed my graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2017. This was my 2nd attempt. So the wait was long, but with persistence and determination I kept on working hard and eventually nailed it.

So, I would divide this into 3 parts:

  1. My success story
  2. How did Dr Cdr Natarajan Sir’s video lectures help.
  3. Personal inputs.

So my story goes as follows;

I had to report @ 2pm to Bangalore. 98 students reported and fortunately I bumped into an old school friend of mine after 8 long years!

Day 1: Our screening process started @6.30 am. The OIR was difficult. In 1st test (Verbal) I could attempt only 32/45 and in 2nd test (Non-verbal) I attempted 45/45. After OIR it was time for the PPDT. We were shown a quiet clear picture (a man reading a book kept on the table). I started writing a story, after say 3 minutes I had completed my story, kept it simple and meaningful. We were asked to leave the hall after the PPDT, and say after 30 minutes were called inside the GD hall for the discussion. After confidently narrating my individual story we started the discussion. Initially it turned into a fish market, but I kept adding meaningful points in the discussion and also supported others with their point of view. The discussion ended after 10 minutes and we were asked to exit the hall.

After around 1 hr results were declared and 29/98 students were selected.

{In my story, I focused on details and narrated it confidently by proper introduction and voice modulation & completed my narration in 1 min.}

Later we were given new chest numbers and told to fill up PIQ and other forms and allotted barracks. My chest number was 22.

Day 2:  Psychology & Interview

We were told to report at 7.30 am and our tests started at 8.00 am.

The psychologist came in and explained us about the various tests which will be conducted. Later he told us to close our eyes and relax by taking deep breaths for about 20 secs after which he started with TAT.

TAT: I was pretty confident about this test as I had referred to Dr. Natarajan sir’s Psychology book and kept a natural approach on all my 11 slides. I had come prepared with a good story for my blank slide.

WAT: 60 words back to back…..boom the test was done in 15 mins. I completed all 60 words and was happy with my natural responses. This time I kept my sentences short and meaningful as compared to my previous attempt and successfully completed the test.

SRT: I could attempt only 35 SRT’s in 30 mins, but my responses were crisp and complete.

SDT: We were told to write paragraphs on:

  1. What your parents think of you
  2. What your teachers/employers think of you
  3. What your friends think about you
  4. What you think about yourself
  5. Qualities you would like to improve

This time I had not prepared my SD before-hand. I wrote all the responses on the spot. I wrote about my strengths in the 1st four paragraphs and weaknesses only in the last paragraph.

Overall my psychology was satisfactory, could have attempted more SRTs but the thought “Quality matters over quantity” and hence I was optimistic about my performance.

{I was totally free-minded and positive during the entire test which helped me write down my thoughts in a natural flow. I wrote down whatever came to my mind first and thus it projected my originality.}

Later on from 12pm, interviews started and I was the second candidate to be interviewed.

I was pretty nervous before my interview while I was sitting in my waiting room. As soon as my chest number flashed , I took a sip of water, cleared my throat and walked out to enter the IOs room. I took permission and entered the room and I was given a very warm welcome by the IO who happened to be the president of the board( got to know in my conference). The IO started scanning through my PIQ,  and the first question he asked me was about my weight(I was 8kgs overweight). I gave him a convincing response on how I have planned to reduce my weight after I get a Temporary Rejection in my medicals if I get recommended. The whole interview was based on my personal life and mostly related to my daily routine and hobbies. The warm welcome made me confident and my interview started off well. I was also asked a few Gk questions and Current Affairs , but could not answer all of them 100% accurate. The good thing about my interview was that the room was very well lit and window shades were up so the light could come in which made my interview experience happening. The IO was very friendly and did not try to pressurize me. I answered everything honestly and if I couldn’t , then told the truth that ‘I don’t know the answer to this question sir’. He also asked a few questions about my previous attempt and  how I have prepared this time for the SSB. I told him that in my previous attempt I did not have a clear insight about the test procedure and how to attempt the different tests. So I referred Dr. Natarajan Sir’s books and video series which helped a lot in understanding the test procedure and performing well. My interview lasted for say 35-40 minutes, he wished me luck and I exited the hall and went for lunch.

Day 3:GTO-1

We were divided into 4 groups, I was in the 4th group and the test started at 7:00 AM.

GD-1: Topic 1: GST (Goods and Services Tax)

  1. How has it helped the economy of India
  2. What are advantages and disadvantages
  3. Future of economy

           Topic 2: Bifurcation of states, boon or bane?

We decided to speak on the 2nd topic. We had a healthy GD and everyone got chance to speak. All were having good points to say. I entered the GD early and kept on adding points. I contributed to the group 5-6 times and appreciated others view as well. We discussed for about 20 mins after which sir told us to stop.

GD-2: Topic: Why are young students committing suicide, reasons and solution to curb

I initiated this GD by supporting my point with a fact. Later on I kept contributing to the GD and spoke for 6-7 times. This GD was also very good and we could give out good points. Again I appreciated good points of others. This GD also went for about 20 mins.

{In both the GD’s I continued to speak on one lead only. I followed Cdr Natarajan Sir’s advice; speak crisply, come back, let others speak, again speak crisply and so on……}

GPE: Sir explained us the setup and read out the story. Then we were given out the narrative to read and figure it out with the layout in front. Then we were given 10 mins to write down our individual story. I wrote the story by mentioning the Aim, Priorities, Resources, Solution. After writing the story our sheets were taken back and discussion started. Initially it was fish market but later on everyone was discussing nicely. Again I contributed to the discussion about 6-7 times with logical points. After 15 mins sir told us to conclude our discussion and nominate one person from group to explain the solution to sir. My group nominated chest number 20 to narrate it and he did it properly by considering everyone’s point. No one objected the common story.

PGT: After GPE we were taken to GTO grounds for PGT. Sir explained us about the task and also briefed about the rules. Then we were given 45 mins to complete the PGT. The 1st task was very easy and everyone had ideas. I also gave an idea once and helped others to place the planks and ballis and also gave a helping hand to people going ahead. We completed 1st obstacle in 5 mins. The 2nd was little difficult. I gave ideas but I couldn’t go inside as everyone was trying to go in. I decided to stay out and give my ideas and help team members as much as I can. We completed 2nd obstacle in 10-15 mins. Then we went ahead on to 3rd obstacle which was very difficult. Again everyone wanted to go in. I helped and started giving ideas from start line. Then 3 candidates who were inside were not getting ideas, so sir told them 2 of them to come back and told that those who have ideas please go ahead and implement it. I went ahead along with 2 other and gave good ideas and helped the group move forward. After we completed the 3rd obstacle, sir told to stop and PGT was over.

HGT: We were divided in 2 groups according to odd-even chest no. So I was in group with even no. Successfully completed the obstacle in 5 mins by giving ideas and implementing it with other candidates.

GOR: The most exciting GTO task. 4 groups were told to race against each other and tackle a total of 6 obstacles. Our war cry was ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and the GOR started with full josh. Our group was stuck for long in 2nd obstacle (8 Shaped) and other groups went ahead. None the less we were cohesive and continued with same josh. Eventually during high wall obstacles we went ahead of both the groups as we tackled those very efficiently and completed all the 6 obstacles. As we were much ahead of other groups(By 45-50secs), our GTO told 2 members of our group to repeat an obstacle and even after that other groups were behind us, so he told us to count reverse from 10-1 and then after all group completed 6 obstacles we ran towards the final line and all groups completed the race at almost same time and thus GOR came to an end.

{I always helped others while tackling the obstacles.}

Lectt: After GOR was our lecturette, the easiest task according to me. We had to select a card one by one and speak on 1 topic. My topics were:

  1. Youth stay indoors rather than socializing outside
  2. Naxalism
  3. Journalism in India
  4. SMS, how has it helped telecom world

I choose to speak on the first topic. Out of the 3 mins time given to prepare I spent almost 2 mins to decide the topic. Then I decided to speak on 1st topic and finalize 4 parts in which I will deliver the lecture. I started with full confidence and continued speaking anything that was coming to my mind. After 2.5 mins the GTO rang the warning bell and I started concluding my lecture. Successfully completed the lecturette by the final bell was rung at the end of 3 mins.

Day-4: GTO-2

IOR: We were told to report @6.30am and then started with IOR. Sir explained us about all the 10 obstacles and gave us 1 min to go around and decide the sequence we would like to follow. After which the test started in sequential manner. I started with Tiger Leap(10 points) and completed only 5 obstalces in 3 mins as I wasted a lot of time on commando walk. Everyone in my group completed more number of obstacles than me which was demoralizing but didn’t lose hope as it was only one task where I didn’t perform up to the mark

CT: After IOR we had our Command task. The most important task in the GTO series. Sir told us that he will be calling us randomly. So the tasks started and I was called as sub-ordinates 2 times. Later on my turn came 7th in the group. While taking me towards the task sir asked me about my  previous attempt and what improvement have I done in this attempt. I answered them properly and then sir told me call 2 subordinates. I wished good morning to my subordinates and then briefed them about the task and also explained them the rules. My task was little confusing as the structure was very unique and didn’t know how to approach it. After studying the structure for a minute, I implemented my idea and also took help from on Subordinate and completed the task. I thanked my subordinate for his idea and the GTO sent me back

[From my group two of us were recommended, me and my subordinate who gave me idea in CT]

FGT: Our FGT was done in fast forward mode and completed in 2 mins.

With this GTO ended.

{During the entire GTO series I adhered to the instructions given by the JCO and the officer. I was careful not to be break any rule during the outdoor tasks. I always stayed with the group and did not dominate in any task}

Day 5:Conference

Finally the day arrived. We were told to report @7.00 am. After which the JCO came in and gave us the basic instructions. He then took us to the conference room and explained us about the proceedings and how to enter and leave the room. After which we were taken to an auditorium where the Dy President of the board briefed us about the conference. He also told that, before applying for any job we first go through the Job Description of the role, similarly the Job Description for joining the Armed Forces is those set of 15 OLQ’s which we look for in candidates. He explained us the meaning of each OLQ and then wished us luck for the conference. Soon after the conference started.

I was made to wait for 4-5 mins outside the room. When the bell rang, I went in confidently and wished the president of the board and he told me take my seat. I was asked 3 questions. How was your stay in Bangalore? How did I prepare differently this time? Any suggestions?

I answered all properly. Sir then wished me all the best and I said thank you and got up from my chair. After the conference ended, we waited for 30 minutes till the results were announced. We sat down in our Psychology Test room where the results were to be announced. 4 of us were recommended. Chest number 5, 13,21 and 22(myself). Initially when 3 chest numbers were called out I thought I didn’t make it again, but then the final chest number was called out and it was ‘22’. I was shocked and as well as happy as I finally got recommended.

All our friends congratulated us and they were told to go back to the luggage point. The moment had finally arrived, for which I was waiting from long. I informed my parents and then we were taken for further documentations.

So a total of 4 candidates were recommended out of which 2 were freshers.

About Bangalore Selection Board: The board is situated in the centre of the city and is very vast and comprises of 3 boards, 12SSB for Navy and 17SSB & 24SSB for Army. There is very good library which vast collections of books and internet room as well. They also have a movie hall where movies are screened. There is ground for volleyball & basketball. Indoor games like pool, chess and carom are also available.

How did Dr Cdr Natarajan Sir’s video lectures help?

Well, I would say that this is by far the best product available in the market for SSB preparation. Each and everything is explained in a lucid manner. I watched the video of OLQ’s many times and ingested those definitions in myself. After coming to know what exactly is seen in the candidate, I started preparing with new zeal. I went through all the lectures and came to know about the points where I need improvement. The GTO lectures proved to be a boon as I came to know about the application of cantilever practically. Also, the whatsapp group created by sir helped in practicing Psychology on a daily basis. Other members of group also helped each other by providing the GK material and related stuff.

Personal Inputs;

Friends, I would like to say that;

  • Always have faith in your abilities, you are the best and you can do it!
  • Be natural and prompt in your responses during the SSB
  • Don’t be anxious about the result
  • Always be positive, happy and motivated
  • Keep working hard and most importantly keep improving. Never stop learning
  • Don’t let your emotions control your mind.

And most importantly, never give up no matter what. Success comes to those who go the extra mile even when the odds are not in your favour.


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