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3 Operational Advantages Of The Apache That Will Make It A Nightmare For The Enemy

The Apache attack helicopter is widely regarded as the world most elite attack chopper and has been used extensively by the United States and Israel in their military campaigns. These famed attack uber elite attack helicopters serve as the primary attack chopper for the worlds most powerful military’s. With eight out of twenty Apaches being inducted into the services, it is essential to analyse the combat edge these renowned death machines will add to the countries warfighting capabilities.

Apache digital art
Digital artwork of an Apache Attack helicopter

The Apaches Will Revolutionise Indian Tank Warfare

India Defence council clears order of BMP 2 and 2K combat vehicles
Apaches will escort armoured columns

The Apaches are an apex anti-tank weapon, this uber-sophisticated chopper was designed to prevent a likely Soviet Tank attack in Germany during the Cold war. “The damage that this helicopter can cause to an enemy tank is greater than what can be caused in the tank to tank battles,” explained an expert on the subject. The Apaches other than being deployed to escort friendly mechanised columns will also ensure their deep penetration into enemy territory. These attack choppers will serve as a crucial component in India’s anti-tank warfare strategy against Pakistan, along the country’s western front.

Apache in foramtion
Double trouble

The ability of the Apache attack choppers, to easily slip around mountains for cover, maybe strategically leveraged in a hypothetical two-front war situation with both China and Pakistan. Keeping the utilities as mentioned above in mind, it can be ascertained that the Apache Guardian helicopter will be instrumental in tipping the balance of power, thereby enhancing India’s likelihood of victory in battle with quick, stealthy and destructive air assaults.

Ability To Conduct Bunker Busting Operations In Mountain Warfare

Apache front view

The Apaches have the potential to be utilised as high altitude bunker busters in which could be a decisive factor in mountain warfare. While the primary deployment of the choppers to be along the country’s western front, they might even be deployed in Ladakh and Sikkim for bunker-busting operations. It is important to note that high altitudes diminish the choppers overall ability.

Direct Massive Amounts Of Firepower To Aid Ground Troops

The Apaches will serve as guardian angels to the troops in the field (Pic credits Arun Menon)

The Apache attack helicopter comes armed with a 30 mm automatic cannon, general-purpose hydra rockets and Hellfire missiles, in short, this piece of military hardware comes out of the factory packing some serious firepower! This assortment of an impressive range of munitions will allow a field commander to direct decisive firepower at critical moments anywhere in a theatre of battle, giving the initiative to the boots on the ground.

Apache sunset
Apache flying into the sunset

Aritra Banerjee
Aritra Banerjeehttps://www.ssbcrack.com/
Defence Correspondent at SSBCrack.
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