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NewsIndian Army Showcases Advanced Maneuver Capabilities in Exercise "AIRAVAT PRAHAR"

Indian Army Showcases Advanced Maneuver Capabilities in Exercise “AIRAVAT PRAHAR”

A key highlight of the exercise was the use of indigenous aviation assets. The Indian Army has been increasingly focusing on incorporating homegrown technology and equipment into its operations, in line with the national "Make in India" initiative.

In a striking demonstration of advanced military prowess and seamless integration of air and ground forces, the Indian Army conducted Exercise “AIRAVAT PRAHAR” under the aegis of the Eastern Command.

This high-intensity drill, held in the strategically significant North Eastern Sector, underscored the Indian Army’s precision fire capabilities and the successful deployment of indigenous aviation assets, aligning with the “Make in India” initiative.

Lieutenant General RC Tiwari, Army Commander of the Eastern Command, witnessed the exercise firsthand. Aboard an airborne firing platform, Lt. Gen. Tiwari observed the intricate coordination and execution of aviation brigade-level third dimension maneuver capabilities, demonstrating the synergy between air and ground operations.

The exercise showcased the Army’s operational readiness in an intense air defense and electronic warfare environment.


Exercise “AIRAVAT PRAHAR” involved a series of complex maneuvers executed by multiple types of platforms launched from various locations.

The operations culminated in precision target engagement within a designated Kill Box, a controlled area where enemy targets are identified and neutralized. The precision fire capabilities displayed were made possible by advanced indigenous aviation assets, underscoring India’s commitment to self-reliance in defense manufacturing.

The exercise included a variety of modern equipment and tactics, demonstrating the Army’s ability to operate in a multifaceted threat environment.

The integration of air and ground units was particularly noteworthy, showcasing how different branches of the military can work together seamlessly to achieve strategic objectives.

Conducted under stringent air defense and electronic warfare conditions, the exercise tested the resilience and adaptability of the participating units.

The intense environment simulated real-world scenarios, challenging the units to respond swiftly and effectively to dynamic threats. This aspect of the exercise was crucial in highlighting the Army’s capability to operate under adverse conditions while maintaining high operational standards.

Lt. Gen. Tiwari praised the participating units for their professionalism and operational preparedness. “The precision and efficiency displayed in Exercise ‘AIRAVAT PRAHAR’ are a testament to the rigorous training and dedication of our soldiers.

The seamless integration of multiple platforms and the successful execution of complex operations underscore our commitment to maintaining a robust defense posture in the North Eastern Sector,” he remarked.

A key highlight of the exercise was the use of indigenous aviation assets. The Indian Army has been increasingly focusing on incorporating homegrown technology and equipment into its operations, in line with the national “Make in India” initiative.

The successful deployment and performance of these assets during the exercise reaffirm the capabilities of India’s defense manufacturing sector.

The indigenous platforms used in “AIRAVAT PRAHAR” not only demonstrated their effectiveness but also their reliability in high-stakes scenarios. This move towards self-reliance ensures that the Indian Army remains equipped with cutting-edge technology tailored to its specific operational requirements.

The Eastern Command, responsible for safeguarding India’s northeastern borders, plays a critical role in maintaining national security. Exercises like “AIRAVAT PRAHAR” are vital in ensuring that the command remains at the forefront of operational readiness.


By regularly conducting such drills, the Eastern Command ensures that its units are well-prepared to face any threats that may arise in this strategically sensitive region.

Lt. Gen. Tiwari’s presence and participation in the exercise highlighted the importance of leadership in overseeing and guiding such operations. His commendation of the troops’ efforts serves as a morale booster and a reminder of the high standards expected within the Indian Army.

Exercise “AIRAVAT PRAHAR” stands as a testament to the Indian Army’s advanced operational capabilities and the successful integration of indigenous technology.

The drill not only showcased the precision fire and maneuver capabilities of the Eastern Command but also highlighted the importance of joint operations in modern warfare. With continued focus on self-reliance and rigorous training, the Indian Army remains poised to effectively address the dynamic security challenges of the future.

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