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Day Of Reporting Screening and Conference In SSB Interview

SSB Interview is a 5 days process by including or excluding the day of reporting which depends of the type of entry, few candidates specially freshers are confused about the day of screening and day of reporting. Although one should have a proper information of 5 days process so that he/she can plan his/her journey accordingly.This post will tell you whether or not your day of reporting and screening is same.We will discuss the day of reporting by considering the different entries.

Q1. Screening test will be conducted on the day of reporting or next day ?

Ans: Again it depends on the type of entry and the instructions/timings written on your call letter, but the best way to remember is, whenever your reporting time is early in the morning like 0600 hours or 0700 hours then your screening is going to be conducted on the same day. AFSB [Air Force Selection Board ] follows this process, they also conduct the Psychological Test on the same day itself, so in AFSB Screening and Psychological test happen on the day of reporting. 
        Whenever your reporting time is in afternoon, like 1400 hours or 1500 hours then your screening test will take place on the next day of reporting, but you will go through the documents checks and form filling on the day of reporting. Mostly Indian Army and Navy follows this pattern, but again it may change like happens in TGC and SSC technical entries mostly, for TGC and SSC Tech, sometimes reporting time is early in the morning and the screening test happens on the same day but not the Psychological test, like AFSB

Q2. When will be my conference ?? 

 Ans: This might be very important to know if you are travelling from long distance and wanted to plan your journey conveniently. If you have the exact info of  SSB Interview schedule then you can book your return journey tickets correctly for your own comfort

How to Plan Your SSB Interview Journey
Suppose your reporting date is 1st January, this is how the things will happen  based on your reporting time on 1st January. Based on your screening day and conference day you can decide the day of return journey.

Date Case-1  6:00am Case-2  02:00pm Return Ticket Knockout Days
1 Jan Reporting and Screening/Psch Reporting-Docs Check Book if Case 1 Screening Day if case1
2 Jan Psychology Test/Interview Screening  Book if Case 2 Screening Day if case2
3 Jan Interview and GTO Psychology Test    
4 Jan Interview and GTO Interview and GTO    
5 Jan Conference  Interview and GTO Book if Case 1 Conference Day if case1
6 Jan   Conference  Book if Case 2 Conference Day if case2

Case-1 and Case-2 : Reporting time

  • This report is just to have an idea of the SSB Interview schedule, you are suggested to read the instructions as mentioned in the call letter and follow them. 
  • If you get recommend then you may stay back for the medical examination which takes 8-10 days, so plan for that accordingly.

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  1. sir,
    i had appeared in TGC-115, now i have got SSB letter for SSC-39,
    am i elligible for SSC-39.
    i have just completed my engineering in IT branch.
    please help me asap.
    Thans & regards
    Kuldeep singh

  2. guys and admin plz answer these confusing SRTs:
    1. He feels disguised as people with whom he deals are
    not co‐operative but self‐centered. He……….
    2. His boss reprimanded him in presence of others.
    What will b his reaction………..
    3. He is not satisfied with life. State reasons………..
    4. You feel that world can move towards peace if……
    5. He thinks that he is more intelligent. Give reasons…
    6. He lost election. Why…
    7. He desires to make national plans a great success for
    nation what should he do….
    8. You are college cricket team captain. The opening
    batsman is the brother of the college goon. He’s not been
    performing. You have the option of dropping him for the
    time being and getting a substitute. You…
    9. You are going to market with your sister and some
    boys start doing mischief with her. You…
    10. You are a team leader while on a rock climbing
    expedition. While you are on pick on of your mates slips his
    hand and falls down. You…
    11. He cracked a joke on one of his friends and his friend
    got angry so he…
    12. Some people are abusing his old mother. He…
    13. Epidemic is broken in his village and people have
    started moving out of their houses, he…
    14. While climbing an ice covered mountain, the leader
    decides to take steep climb and a friend falls in a ditch. you…
    15. He is new in town & doesn’t know the local

    • 1. He will speak with them and resolve the conflict.
      2. He keeps patience and once the boss gets cooled down talk with him.
      3. He wants to join the army and become a warrior but got lagged at SSB.
      4. Cooperation between the countries increases.
      5. He believes on practical knowledge along with theory.
      6. Due to the lack of participation in social and administrative(development) works.
      7. He should help and respond the government as grass root element of the country.
      8. I will ask him to practice in nets and take the substitute.
      9. I will go towards them and tell them to stop this.
      10. Immediately go down, will give him first aid and hospitalise him.
      11. Ask the angry friend to enjoy the joke.
      12. He will tell them not to do this again.
      13. He will inform the concerned authorities and move with the people.
      14. I will throw the rope into the ditch and remove the friend.
      15. He will take the help of his friends and relatives in that town.

      Please Admin Sir and guys rate these and give your views.


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