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In Conversation With Sajal Roy Recommended For Indian Army

Hope all aspirants have read the SSB interview experience of Sajal Roy recommended for the Indian army from SSB Bhopal. Sajal is one of the brightest aspirants we have every met, he is a real warrior, unfortunately, he was not able to clear the medical examination after SSB. Nonetheless, Sajal Roy grabbed the no. 1 position in SSC- tech merit list for instrumentation engineering. We got a chance to interview Sajal Roy where he is answering few questions from SSBCrack, hope this conversation would help all the future warriors.

  1. First to all, congrats Sajal, you have proved that you have it in you, how does it feel?
    • Ans: Words are not enough to suffice the feeling. On that day of recommendation and even today when I recall the moment, I hear my heartbeats. It was exactly the feeling which Neil Armstrong might have felt in moon or when our Indian army achieved its objectives. All the time it makes me move with head high and feet on the ground. Being unfit was very depressive but the happiness of “Recommended Candidate “ is on cloud 9. Thank you so much to you and your SSBCRACK team for giving this utmost congratulation to me.
  2. As we know, unfortunately, you were not able to clear your medical examination, what are your future plans and why?
    • Ans: As they say never say die and never say give up. I am writing the UPSC civils, UPSC (Indian Engineering Services) and Assistant Commandant (Central Armed Police Forces-BSF+CRPF+CISF+ITBF) this year. In the road ahead I want to become IPS officer and with work experience of more than 3 years I would be eligible to opt for National Security Guards (NSG commandos), as NSG selects people from all departments including military and paramilitary. Above all, I dream to contribute to the National Security Sector and by any means to the Government of India.
    • recommended from ssb bhopal
  3. Who and what motivated you to join the Indian army?
    • Ans: My grandfather passed away before my dad got married. He was a doctor in the army years back during 1960s. The main source of motivation was the strict discipline of my father during my childhood. During Republic day and Independence day celebration, the host of National flag always gave a different feeling to me but the Kargil was my main source of Inspiration. March Past was my favorite activity and in 9th standard when I got to command my squad, these little events added to the desire of joining the army.
  4. You ranked 1st in the merit list of SSC Tech 43 Instrumentation Engineering, how does it feel, did you expect the same result in the merit?
    • Ans: For a correction, it was SSC Tech 43. 1st rank in the 1st attempt is something I cannot expect, but somehow I had felt that whatever I was performing I was doing it from heart and soul. Also the batches previous to our batch no one got recommended, so there was an atmosphere of tension regarding the recommendation either. Also in that year only 2 guys got recommended from Instrumentation Engineering in SSC Tech 43, where I was at 1st. But there were certain things that happened where u realize things are leading the positive way. One of my teammates got injured, I carried him on the shoulder and then with the help of supporting authorities we went to Military hospital and then came back. Later I had to report to the Technical officer in charge of our batch. Later after I got recommended our subedar told me that “You know the technical officer was appreciating your gentle attitude”. The interview went for 51 minutes and the way the interview was proceeding I was getting a firm confidence at each step that I am making it. Above all, these confident and Gentleman qualities need to be inculcated right since 11th 12th standards so I groomed myself over the years. I carried myself as a confident gentleman.
  5. How did you prepare yourself for the SSC Tech 43 ssb interview?
    • Ans: Preparation for SSC Tech 43 had two things to be worked on. First the technical skills and then the Personality and SSB skills. So I revised my engineering before time like on subjects like Electronics (Basics ) and Transducers and Measurements(Instrumentation). But the important part was to cross the screening test. So I prepared a random SSB book and kept practicing various Intelligence Based Questions like coding and decoding, Sequencing of logical figures etc. Being from ICSE background and love or English language I had a slight command over its fluency and write ups which helped in PPDT, TAT, word perception and the entire psychological test. Eventually, things worked well during the SSB where my preparations met the requirements. For group discussion, I had a practice over the entire college time and was an extempore speaker at the state level youth fest too so these things helped me over the lectures and group discussion tests.
  6. Were you confident after your performance in SSB that your will make it?
    • Ans: Yes I was confident and I went to the ssb with a feeling that I am going to live the experience there so I basically had no fear at all. As he roll call was about to begin I could hear my heart throbbing loud and finally was relaxed when the officer called out “Roll no 746199 chest no 18 Sajal Roy” which was followed by a reverberation of claps in the auditorium.
  7. We know it is really difficult to see success going away because of an uncontrollable reason, how do you react to this bad luck?
    • Ans: Being very frank and honest this rejection due to a reason I am not accountable gave me a lot of pain. Days and nights didn’t move easily for months. I kept being haunted with the fact that I can never be a part of mine dream. There was anger as to why did nature compromised me with a gall bladder. People say man makes his own destiny, I performed the best, was merit in too but then ….But somehow it gave me a deterministic desire to do something even higher and better. NSG commandos we all know are the ultimatum for any commando aspirant. Then I learned that being an IPS officer also one can be a part of it. At times I feel angry on mine bad luck but had it been It didn’t happen, I wouIdnt have been taking the tougher route of UPSC and especially not interaction with so many aspirants. I felt blessed when SSBCRACK shared my story and I got more than 40 friend requests, messages, emails and calls and I was much happy to serve them through my experience.
  8. What do you suggest to the aspirants going to face SSB and dreaming to join the armed forces?
    • Ans: Firstly I would like to suggest the aspirants that when u are going for an SSB, go with an optimistic mind , a gentleman attitude , immense confidence and go there with an attitude to learn and live rather than pondering on worries as to what would happen next. Treat the SSB in such a way that these 5 days will never come back in your life and visualize yourself as a Defense Officer and live there: like walking straight, being gentle with the staff at gate and mess etc. To meet any dream we need a work ethic and hard work. So it’s better to practice some intelligence based questions, do a bit of essay writing which would help in PPDT and be thorough with the SSB book so as to counter any possible situation. Watch videos of group discussion, practice in colleges as these opportunities are ample in schools and elsewhere. Make a habit of writing short essays which helps a lot in PPDT. In all SSB books, people should reach 3 or 4 Picture perceptions and then practice the next. Practice will take them ahead and most importantly not to feel disheartened if they are getting rejected , our country has a lot of opportunities for the youth who want to serve.
  9. What do you want to say to candidates got rejected in SSB medical exam?
    • Ans: HAHA, yeah for them I have the message: “Don’t worry lad life has something better and legendary in store for them”. Most importantly I would like the people to know that there are other career opportunities where u can still serve the defense sector as well as contribute to the national security of the country. Hereby I would like to goto detail You can opt for Indian Engineering Services IES (UPSC). From this one is eligible to work as a defense civilian in Military Engineering Services (MES), Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME), Indian Navy Armament Services (INAS) etc. Also They can opt for Indian Ordinance factory which is key contributor to the National security. A soldier protects lifes, but a person who protects the life of soldier is also of greater nobility . Yes the Indian ordinance factory makes the weapons and all the modern state of art . As no one can win a war without weapons so the Indian Ordinance Factory Service (IOFS) through IES exam is of prime importance. Then not only for engineers but for everyone comes the exam of Assistant Commandant (Central Armed Police Forces CAPF) through UPSC where u directly get into the post of assistant commandant , class 1 Gazetted officer in Border Security Force(BSF), Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF), Central Industrial Security Force(CISF), Samastra Seema Bal and Indo Tibetial Border Force. These have a slightly less strict medical standards as compared to the defense and all these are open to women also . Then one should be aware of the fact that becoming an IPS officer and then holding experience for some years one can opt for the National Security Guards Commandoes. So career doesn’t end , we just need to find the way. Keep trying trying , don’t give up working and u will come out to a legendary path.
  10. We wish you more and more success in your future endeavors.
    • Ans: I owe SSBCRACK a debt of gratitude for having considered me worthy and allowing my experience to be shared . I would be ever ready for any sort of help within mine range. The only message I would deliver . Dream A dream ……….Every great dreamer begins with a great dream. So reach high for the stars lie in your soul. Dream deep for every dream precedes the goal. Its easy to follow one’s passion and live for self , but its legendary to even think to help someone and therefore one should live to serve the society, the nation and leave behind your footprints into the sands of time so that the world would cry when u leave.
The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.



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