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50 Latest WAT Examples for SSB Interview With Answers

It's important to note that the SSB interview is a comprehensive selection process that includes multiple tests and assessments to evaluate a candidate's suitability for a career in the armed forces. The Word Association Test is just one component of this process.

In the context of the SSB (Services Selection Board) interview, “WAT” stands for “Word Association Test.” The Word Association Test is a psychological tool used to assess a candidate’s personality traits and thought process. It is part of the Psychological Tests conducted during the SSB interview, which is the selection process for candidates aspiring to join the Indian Armed Forces.

During the Word Association Test, the candidate is presented with a series of words, one after another, and is required to respond with the first word or phrase that comes to mind upon hearing each word. The responses are spontaneous and should be brief. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the candidate’s response patterns, thought clarity, and associative thinking.

The Word Association Test aims to assess various aspects of a candidate’s personality, such as their level of intelligence, emotional stability, leadership qualities, social adaptability, and general awareness. It helps the assessors understand the candidate’s subconscious attitudes and tendencies.

ssb psychological tests practice book

The responses given by the candidates are analyzed by the assessors, who evaluate them based on predefined criteria and their understanding of the desired qualities for the armed forces. The assessors look for positive qualities such as initiative, confidence, positive attitude, teamwork, adaptability, and determination.

WAT Examples for SSB Interview

  1. Operate – He operated entire event and led it to a fantastic end
  2. Surprize – Inspector Ramesh’s surprize attack made the culprits to surrender.
  3. Battle – Calm discussions avoid battles
  4. Flag – National flag is the symbol of honour and pride
  5. Trail – He took trails of his project and performed best in the exhibition
  6. Night – Lt. Ram advanced with his team at night and napped 3 terrorists
  7. Hate – Gandhiji’s initiative against untouchability reduced hate against lower caste
  8. Fight – Sudoku is a fight between mind and numerals
  9. Dark – Dark times strengthens the soul
  10. Failure – Failures are the lessons to grab success
  11. Enemy – Knowledge and tactics, defeats the enemy in war
  12. Ahead – Ram stood ahead and led his team to the camp
  13. Result – Modesty results into a kind heart
  14. Camp – Outings and camping relaxes mind and gives new experiences.
  15. Group – Group talks gives new and innovative ideas
  16. Think – Deep thinking gives hidden solutions
  17. Baffle – His stamina and sports skills baffled the opponents in match
  18. Alert – Early alert system of tsunami will save many lives
  19. Sorry – Accepting mistakes, avoids complex problems
  20. Meet – Meeting new friends evolves a good personality
  21. Difficult – Difficulties adds spice in life
  22. Associate – He associated with his seniors and organised the event
  23. Depth – Deep analysis brings out fantastic ideas
  24. Crowd – A good leader directs the crowd in a good manner
  25. Ring – Boxing ring is the heaven for a boxer
  26. Address – He addressed all aspects, discussed with subordinates and came to a conclusion
  27. Suppose – Aryabhata’s suppositions and assumptions took maths to a new height
  28. Need – Necessity brings out innovations
  29. Neighbour – He motivated his neighbours and cleaned the public park
  30. Storm – Sumit stormed into opponent’s kabbadi field and won 3 points
  31. Major – Paris summit is a major step in the field of climate change
  32. Alive – Adventure, curiosity and free mind keeps soul alive
  33. Judgement – Lt. Akshay’s correct judgement and improvisation led to the success of operation
  34. Depend – Self-dependent and hardworking people always rise
  35. Identify – Ramesh checked the car engine, identified, repaired it and continued the trip
  36. Meat – Meat fulfils the energy requirement of a soldier
  37. Secure – A secure place for women, develops exponentially
  38. Diminish – Gender equality diminishes crimes
  39. Morning – Running habit in morning keeps the body fit
  40. Practical – Emphasising on practical knowledge will improve the skills of new generation
  41. Drown – He jumped into the lake and took the drowning guy out of the it
  42. Office – Biometric attendance system in government offices improved productivity
  43. Demolish – Capt. Amar demolished the room, which reported to shelter terrorists
  44. Upset – Ramesh solved problem of his upset friend
  45. Cute – Cuteness streams in kids
  46. Overcome – Fearless people are best suited for Armed forces
  47. Rule – Rules and laws flourishes peace and prosperity
  48. Diverge – Mediation helps in overcoming the divergence of mind
  49. Disobey – His discipline and teaching tactics taught students to obey orders
  50. Sputnik – Sputnik is an example of  human’s achievement in the field of space exploration
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