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GTOGroup Discussion15 Latest GD Topics For SSB Interview

15 Latest GD Topics For SSB Interview

  1. How the internet affects common man’s life?
  • It reduces efforts and time consumption
  • Hacking can compromise confidential data
  • It has emerged as a necessary evil


  1. The number of officers in armed forces is less than the required level. In your opinion, how can this count be levelled?
  • Using social and Tele-media to motivate the youth
  • Making the selection process lenient
  • Increasing the officers recruitment from the ORs


  1. Child abuse and human rights issues are a major point of discussion in parliament and in regional committees. What is the main cause behind this?
  • Weak laws
  • Unregulated poverty and migration from neighbouring nations, dependent on India
  • Change in mentality of common people


  1. The education system has become a business in India. What should be done to improve the level of education in India?
  • Completely Privatising education
  • Eradicating reservation and giving chance to talent
  • Adopting the western education system to enhance education system


  1. Farmer suicide cases are prevailing in all over the nation, especially in Maharashtra. In your opinion, how this problem can be solved?
  • Technology like Cloud seeding, can improve agricultural yield
  • Screening leaks of funds in governmental schemes
  • Easing claiming on crop insurance can affect farmers in a positive way


  1. Many states of India were bifurcated. How far, this process can affect the population of the states?
  • It divides the unity of the nation
  • Flourishes good governance and gives the best chance of development
  • Bifurcation is a neutral, as per the view of national integrity


  1. Sports leagues, like IPL, have become a popular business in India and are always circulated in controversies. In your opinion
  • It leads to corruption and money laundering
  • Gives opportunity for new and hidden talent
  • It indulges youth in bad habits


  1. Mass media is a popular way to spread the information. In your opinion
  • It dissolves crucial news in the population, swiftly
  • It misguides people
  • Crowd funding is an advantage of it


  1. How the basic mental ability and inquisitiveness of a student can be enhanced?
  • By making their involvement in extracurricular activities compulsory
  • By inculcating habits of reading newspaper and other non-subjective books
  • By replacing books burden with technology


  1. China’s foreign policy has widened the scope of its development. In what ways, does it affect India?
  • It will intensify the rivalry with Pakistan
  • Influence the economy of India
  • Will dominate South Asia


  1. What should be considered for promotions in jobs?
  • Seniority (experience)
  • Merit and performance
  • Decision should lay over the promoting panel


  1. What is the major cause of poverty in India?
  • Overpopulation
  • Lack of education
  • Other causes like money laundering, corruption


  1. Suicide cases among children’s are increasing these days. In your opinion, what is its main cause?
  • Mental pressure from parent to score more
  • Child abuse and mental harassment
  • Digital Media and lack of guidance


  1. How brain drain can be stopped in India?
  • By providing favourable loans and study facility
  • Amending the education system
  • Opening new and good institutes in India


  1. Arms acquisition has taken a steep hike. In your opinion
  • Arm acquisition is a short way to level military preparedness
  • Indigenisation must be given first priority
  • FDI must be regulated to balance acquisition


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