Cleared SSB Interview In 5th Attempt After Getting Screenout 4 Times

Hello Friends. Maybe I should say Hello Gentlemen. Here’s my success story.  I got recommended for Indian Army SSC (Tech) – 49 from 22 SSB, Bhopal. This was my 5th Attempt. I was screened out in the first four attempts and got recommended in my fifth attempt. My first three attempts were for NDA and at that time I was very casual about my attempts and never thought of introspection. But when I went for TGC entry SSB at Bhopal, I did realize that Introspection is the most important thing to identify our own mistakes.

But after getting screened out for 4 times, I didn’t prepare anything and hence I didn’t really had any hopes that I would make it this time. I had planned to go to my hometown if I am screened out this time so booked a ticket in Duronto Express from Bhopal to Delhi in Advance. So here it starts, “THE JOURNEY TO RECOMMENDATION”

21st April, 2017:

                         My journey from Bengaluru to Bhopal begins on this day. I boarded Sampark Kranti Express from Yesvantpur Junction. I reached Bhopal Junction on 22nd April, 2017 at 11:15 p.m. So I called one of my friends who studies in Bhopal and stayed at his home for the night.

23rd April, 2017:

                            The Day of Reporting. We were asked to report by sharp 6 a.m at the Service Selection Centre Central, Bhopal. After all the document verification, we got our Screening Test Chest Numbers. Around 750 candidates were called, and 215 Reported.

Then we had Intelligence Test, Two question Papers: Verbal (45 Questions in 22 Minutes) and Non Verbal (45 Questions in 19 Minutes)

I did well in both the tests and was able to attempt 40 questions in Verbal and 40 Questions in Non Verbal and was 99.9% sure that all my answers were correct.

Then it was time for PPDT, they showed us a picture. It was very clear. In the picture there were three characters. Two were standing near a wall and third one was speaking on Phone. I did write a story about a boy motivating and helping his sister for higher studies but was not able to finish it.

In Discussion, our group consisted of 15 members. As soon as the officer said, “Gentlemen, you can start your discussion”, the place turned into a fish market. Then I said, “Friends, as Sir has already told that we should discuss and not make a fish market, so let’s listen to everyone’s points one by one”. Then a friend said, “Friends let’s discuss the number of characters”. I said, “What is there to discuss, as everyone has seen three characters, so let’s decide the common theme for our story”. I think that friend took it as an offense and said, “First we will decide the title of the story, Theme can be discussed later”. I was like “Really!!!!” Then one of our friends made a great story on Woman Empowerment. And I did support his story and then whole group was united with the theme except one friend. And Then officer said, “OK gentlemen, it was a very healthy discussion, we will get back to you with the results soon, you may leave now”ssb bhopal recommended

Finally, discussion was over. And I was happy as I did better than my previous attempts.

Then at 4 p.m the results were announced, and I was shocked to know that I am screened in. I was happy for getting screened in but at the same time was sad as I was losing my money for the railways:-P 30 got screened in. I got chest No. 8 for Stage II.

We were asked to go to the allotted rooms and settle ourselves and come back again for some documentation and PIQ form filling. It does take hours for the documentation:-P

22nd April, 2017:

                             Second Day means it’s a day of Psych Testing. Before the tests we had a photo-session but not with our mobiles:-P

 The test started with TAT. First picture was of an accident scene, I was happy that it’s a very simple theme and can write a story on it easily. But I was shocked when next picture was again for an accident scene. I thought to myself, “Why? What to do now??” and then got an idea and did write the story based on accident due to drunken driving case. And then my brain stopped working after the second picture, and went with the flow of test.

Then came WAT, There were some words and we have to make sentences on them. We get 15 seconds to read the word, frame a sentence and write it in answer booklet. Now that is what I liked the most, FAST and FURIOUS:-P I was able to complete 54 out of 60. The words I left were the ones which I never heard it in life:-P

Some examples of my sentence:

NEIGHBOR: He shares very good relations with his neighbors

LIFE: Quick to react, He saved a Life.

Then came SRT, we were given booklets which contained 60 Situations and we should write our responses for those situations in 30 minutes means half a minute for each situation. I was able to respond to 40 out of 60 SRTs.

Then it was time for Self Description. The officer gave us five questions,

“What do your parents think about you?”

“What do your teachers think about you?”

“What do your Friends think about you?”

“What do you think about yourself?”

“What are the qualities you want to improve?”

The allotted time was 15 minutes. I was able to respond 4 questions and then as soon as I finished a sentence for my fifth question, time was up.

And then the test was over and we were informed about the scheduled interviews. My interview was scheduled on the same day. We were given the time of reporting for the interview.


My interview was taken by the Deputy President. Here are the questions asked to me during interview,

IO:  I have seen that your engineering will be over in June 2017. I want to know what you would do after the completion of your Engineering. Indian Army is one of the options; I want to know other than this.

IO: Ok, now tell me about your family members, and tell me about their occupation.

IO: Now tell me about your education, where have you studied and in which school did you study from class 1 and tell me which institute you liked the most and why? And then tell me about your friend circle and give me names of your two best friends.

IO: Tell me what are their parents doing?

IO: Ok, now tell me two good qualities that your friends are better than you and two good qualities that you are better than them. I want to know the qualities.

IO: Ok tell me, what have you planned till now?

IO: Ok tell me top three news of India in past two years that would make Impact on India in next Thirty Years.

IO: Tell me the three basic electrical Components and think that I am a small child and I don’t know anything and explain me the difference between the Capacitor and Inductor.

IO: How is electricity transferred from the generating station to the consumers?

IO: How many wars has India fought in Kashmir? Tell me the wars and the year in which they occurred.

IO:  Do you drive two-wheeler or four-Wheeler?

ME: Sir, Both

IO:  Which one in 4 Wheeler?

ME: Sir, i10

IO:  What is your maximum speed?

ME: 90 kmph

IO:  Can’t you drive faster than that? Are you afraid of the speed?

ME: Sir, Come to Bangalore and drive it with a faster speed. (IO smiled for this answer)

IO: Did you take any coaching? How did you prepare yourself for the SSB?

Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)

25th April 2017

GTO Day 1

TASK 1: Group Discussion

Topic my group selected was “What are the reasons for Unemployment in India?”

I was not able to speak during the initial phase of the discussion. But after 5 minutes of discussion, I started giving my points and my group started adding to my points.

Next topic was “Transparency in India- Advantage or Disadvantage?”

A healthy discussion went on and I participated with more Josh than the previous topic.

TASK 2: Group Planning Exercise

I did well in the written part of the task. But was not able to discuss the plan as the group did become a fish market. Everyone was busy in giving their own ideas and no one was ready to listen to anyone. So I thought of remaining silent in such a condition.

TASK 3: Progressive Group Task

As these were something new to me, I didn’t get any ideas at first. So I helped my group by carrying the load and placing plank and Balli as per the group plan. In the second Obstacle I did got some ideas and gave it to the group and our group was able to complete the obstacle. In third, it was a bit hard to get ideas, but still we were able to cross the obstacle. We were not able to complete the fourth Obstacle as the time given to us for the completion of the task was over. Still I was happy that somehow I helped my group in the task.

TASK 4: Group Obstacle Race

This was the best task of the day. It was fun and we can enjoy the task with our group members. I helped some of my group members to climb the 10 feet wall and kept the josh of my group very high. I selected the War Cry for my group. It was fun. We got a penalty for breaking the rules of the race, so I was one of those who repeated the task for the group and I do think our group won the race.

TASK 5: Half Group Task

Our group was divided into two subgroups of 5 members each. One group was the head and tail of our group, i.e. Chest Nos 1,2,3,9,10 and the other was the body of group, i.e 4,5,6,7,8. (As per our GTO Sir)

We were able to complete the task in the given time but only with the help of GTO Sir. I gave few ideas for the task.

TASK 6: Lecture

I selected “Women in Today’s Society”. I gave a good speech for my complete three minutes and was happy that at least one task of the day went well.

After Completion of Day 1 I was not happy with my performance, I lost hope of getting recommended.

26th April 2017

GTO Day 2

TASK 7: Individual Obstacles

As I am a sportsperson, I was able to complete all the ten obstacles in given time by repeating two obstacles to add my total score to 71 points. It was fun to plan and do the obstacles to score as much as possible.

TASK 8: Command Task

I was called for 4 times as a sub-ordinate.

During my command task, GTO Sir asked me some questions

GTO: Which tasks do you think you were not able to perform well in?

Me: Sir Group Tasks and Interview

GTO: I have already said you that one task does not define your performance, so don’t worry about that.

Me: Sir, That’s why I am standing here today for the task with full josh.

GTO sir asked me 4 solutions of the task and I was able to give all the solutions and I was in full josh as it tested my thinking capacity and creativity.

TASK 9: Final Group Task

Final group task was a blunder. My group didn’t want to work so it just completed somehow.

I was not happy with my performance in the GTO Tasks and was not hoping for good results, so after returning back I booked a tatkal ticket for Rajdhani Express from Bhopal to Bangalore.

27th April 2017


We were motivated by an officer before our conference began. He gave examples of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Amitabh Bachchan.
Our Conference started from the last numbers.

I was made to wait for around 10 minutes before my turn. And then I was called in. It was good to see all the officers in Uniform as it filled me with Josh.

I wished everyone “GOOD MORNING SIR”

My IO asked few questions and my conference went on for around 10 minutes.

IO: What was the difference between your experience of SSB and the experience shared by your recommended friends?

IO: How did you prepare for your SSB and especially Psych Tests?

IO: What do you speak with your group members after everyday tests are completed?

IO: How was your stay at SSB?

IO: Which tasks do you think that you could have done better?

IO: Why were you not able to give good ideas to group when you can speak so well with me?

IO: How did you prepare for writing stories?

IO: Any Suggestions for us.

I left the room with a “THANK YOU SIR

After 30 minutes the result was announced, And when the officer called my chest number I was on Cloud nine as I was not expecting this. But It was the happiest moment of life and all the memories of my previous attempts flashed through my eyes and was feeling proud as I was able to accomplish my dream in my 5th Attempt.

Total of 6 Candidates out of 30 Screened in was recommended by the board.

So this is my experience, I hope many of you will get Josh, and I would love to read your success story on this very same website. It did help me a lot and It would also help many in coming future. Thank you SSBCRACK. You are doing a great Job. Keep it Up

I have my joining on 29th September 2017 at OTA Chennai. If you have any queries mail me at

I would reply back as soon as I see your mail.

Signing Off


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