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AFCAT 2 2018 Questions and Answer 19th Aug [Updated]

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AFCAT 2 2018 2nd phase was conducted online on 19th August 2018 along with the EKT exam for technical branch aspirants. AFCAT 2 2018  was conducted by the CDAC online at different online examination centre in two shifts. Shift 1 from 8:00 AM and Shift 2 from 13:00 PM on 18th August 2018 and Shift 1 from 8:00 AM on 19th August 2018, candidates from the 1 shift and 2 shift faced a different questions papers. Like always, SSBCrack has collected and published the AFCAT 2 2018 original questions from defence aspirants who have attempted the AFCAT 2 2018 exam on 19th August  2018 along with EKT 2 2018 question paper. You can find the AFCAT 2 2018 questions and answers from Shift-1 19 Aug 2018 below.
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We are still updating the questions from AFCAT 2 2018 19th August 2018. We request all the aspirants to share the questions they have faced in AFCAT 2 2018 on 19th August 2018.

AFCAT 2 2018 Questions and Answer 19th Aug

  • President of IMF
  • Where was the first congress meeting held ?
  • autobiography of sachin Tendulkar
  • 1st test cricket century for india
  • Wisden award indian cricket player of 20th century,
  • Eastern point of india
  • Largest coal mine in india
  • First State to declare hindi as official state language
  • Bullfight national game of which country
  • What is ins kadamba
  •  inventor of typewriter
  • under which p.m india conducted nuclear test in1998
  • eastern most point of our country
  • youngest mountain range
  •  in which dynasty konark and sun temple were made
  • Players of which sport are called as ‘cagers’
  • Sergey bubka record in 35 times in which..
  • Pristina is capital of…
  • Study of atmosphere climate monsoon?
  • who converted kanishka to Buddhism
  • Mir bakshi in Akbar’s kingdom looked after which activity?
  • In which layer temperature increases with altitude?- Stratosphere
  • Farthest east point of India?
  • Rial is the capital of which country

Idiom & phrases

  • take a rain check


  • fortuitous
  • prevaricate
  • Momentous
  • Aver 


  • 5 dogs eat 5 biscuits in 5 minutes than in how much time will 10 dog eat 10 biscuits in how much time
  • over all average of innings is 54 when the duck innings also included the average increase by 3 . if 186 runs of innings not included then tell no. of duck innings
  • If the speed has to be increased by 10% on certain distance by how much % time be decreased by?
  • Printing costs 10%, managing costs 20% ,labour costs 15%, and other than these Rs.110 for other costs. Find the Cost of the product. 
  • Two things sold at same price. On first he gain 10% but overall get a loss of 12%. Find the approximate loss/profit % on other
  • Amount becomes 8 times in 3 years compounded annually. Find Rate.
  • Amount 5000 becomes 5671 in 2 years, compounded annually. Find approximate Rate of interest.

Odd one out

  • Pituitary:brain::thymus:?

Venn Diagram

  • doctors, married people, people with beard
  • book, novel, pen
AFCAT 2011- 2018 Solved Papers

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