Interview with Komal Pawar Recommended from 2 AFSB Mysore

We took some time to interview Miss Komal Pawar who has cleared AFSB interview at 2 AFSB Mysore through AFCAT entry. Komal has beautifully answered our questions which is indeed helpful and motivational, we hope it will help our readers to analyse where they stand. Congratulations on clearing SSB in first attempt and your medical too. How does it feel when you hear your chest number at the time of final results?
Komal: I’m thankful to SSBCrack for giving me this opportunity of sharing my views and experiences with the aspirants, and hope they prove beneficial to them. Thinking of the last day of my SSB results brings back my thrill. It was the moment of dream coming true, for few seconds I was totally deaf and completely lost in my own world, total open mouth covered with hands and eyes widely open without a blink . But after that , even I was sad as my 6 other group mates were going back, the days we spend together were the most memorable days. The unity and combined efforts taken by all of us in our group made us to spill at the moment others were leaving. Whether we select or reject, but I think the lessons we learn at SSB are the most important for our lifetime. What motivated you to join the Indian Airforce?
Komal: I was an NCC cadet from class 8th, and was always very keen interested in watching the programme held on 26th January at Rajpath. The main attraction was the jets flying high and colours blown by them. I was always willing to do something like that, but I was not having sufficient knowledge of how to join that, because my NCC was Army wing, and we were only given the lessons of RDC parade. But later one of my college friend, Krishna, who was also an NCC cadet, told me about the AFCAT entry, and motivated me to again focus on defence after grads. What were your preparations for AFCAT and AFSB interview?
Komal: My AFCAT exam was held after my graduation results, when I was preparing for aptitude, and the hobby of reading novels had proved much beneficial for the written, and for AFSB, I used some books of Utkarsh and Arihant publication, which were gifted to me by one of my NCC sir in class 12th, he too had always motivated me to think my career in defence, saying I belong to none other than defence. During the period between results declaration and SSB, luckily I came across many people who had either appeared the SSB or had some of the information about that, and they provided me with the necessary guidance, though it was in the form of “do’s and don’t do’s” , may be because of this I need not have to join any special coaching. They provided me with small tips about first day screening and other tests. Do you think first chance at SSB is a golden chance?
Komal: Yeah it is something like that, First chance is obviously a golden chance at SSB, because most of the time, fresher are insane and truly narrate their story without hesitation (at least it was in my case), while repeaters have a well before hand knowledge and they accordingly model their answers. But even repeaters need not have to worry, because I heard that 8 to 9 times repeaters have been selected at their attempts. What actually worked out for you in SSB, do you think luck factor also helps in SSB interview?
Komal: As it is said “Victorious person conceive victory in their mind before entering the battle field”, luckily same thing happened with me when I was at the AFSB, not even a single time did I thought of rejection, and the one who were saying so, I use to run away from them, because I believe that negative words brings negativity. I was getting inspired by the posters displayed everywhere at the AFSB and motivate myself, because only self motivation can help us to face any challenge. I always kept smiley face and had conversation about after selection. After my interview I shared my experience to all the others, and someone pointed me that I’d committed a mistake, and that I may get rejected because of my openness, that time I was scared and a bit depressed, but I didn’t let the turmoil appear at my face, and consoled my mind thinking of the quote which I learned from cricket, “A game is never lost until the last bowl is bowled”. How did you gather the confidence to face defence interview for the every first time?
Komal: The night before my interview was scheduled, I was worried and scared that I’ll stammer in front of the officer, as it was my first time to face any of the officer. But then that night I analysed myself for at least an hour, I thought of my parents, neighbours, my teachers, friends, colleagues and the compliments they have given me, the qualities they suggest me to improve in myself, What were the struggles in my life and how did I face them. What all good deeds I have done until now, were they really helpful, how many times I hurt people , what kind of person I’m, do I fit in defence according to the kind of nature I have. Do I really love my nation, am I ready to do everything that comes to my way to serve my motherland, and many such questions were hounding me that night, and I found my answers to those. Later I sat upright and did a confession, answered all these questions, thinking as if I’m telling to one of my very close friend who left me at my school times and met me after a long time. and yes it was my inner spirit listening to me, after I was done I felt satisfied as if my soul has approved my answers and told me to do same in front of the officer at the interview. It was my first time I got this realisation, and felt god on my side as said, “God helps those who help themselves”. What was your answer for “Why do you want to join IAF”?
Komal: The day from when I reached AFSB, I was continuously watching the ADO’s and the officers in their uniform, and how they enjoyed playing games after their working hours, being from diverse region they mingle with others, I always wished to live this life, doing all adventurous, thrilling things, things which are dangerous but when done gives a different kind of satisfaction, happiness, this type of life is possible in defence sector, along with my work I will be doing all my interest things. And it is said that we never get tired when the work we perform is of our interest and more than work it seems to be a fun and we enjoy our life. And once we start enjoying our life the output we give at our work is best, both in quality and quantity. Do you think SSB coaching helps aspirants to clear SSB, have you ever taken any professional coaching or guidance?
Komal: I had never taken any professional coaching or guidance, I felt that I love doing things which are done here, and I believed that every person gets the field which we deserve to give our best contribution in that field, and field of interest was this, though I was distracted for long period but finally came back.
And I think in some cases we do need professional coaching, as in the case of obstacles, we get a before hand knowledge about the hurdles and we can shape our thinking accordingly and even small tips for SDT and interviews may prove helpful, rest all is our own efforts. I got the tips for SDT from Ranjit, thanks to him, who I met randomly, the period before SSB was really full of omens for me.
komal pawar What you would be if not an officer in Indian Air Force?
Komal: Yeah this is the question which makes me wonder about myself, but yes surely I would have been a software engineer at one of the IT firm, with all the compromises done of my interests fields. is your message for repeaters and fresher for SSB interview?
You: For fresher I would like to say that, better prepare your best for your first attempt as it is a golden chance for you. I was not knowing about this but my friend said this, and later when I reminisced about those things  I too believed that if fresher do silly mistakes they are considered. So think your first attempt as the last one and prepare for that.
For repeaters, I don’t have anything to say because they are better experienced than me. But only one thing I would like to suggest that, analyse yourself, what you really want, maybe I think that will help to crack the SSB. Thank you for speaking with us.
Komal: It is indeed my pleasure, I’m thankful for giving me this opportunity to share my experience with the aspirants. These thoughts are always boosting me for doing my best and you have helped me to remind that. I’m thankful to SSBCrack as it has helped me to understand the blogger inside me and giving the right track for sharing my experiences, I truly wish this interview help the candidates, crack their SSB. Thank you very much.
We hope you have learned something from Komal’s experience and from this interview as well, we will be coming up with lots of other interviews with all recommended candidates regularly.

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