TES 30th SSB Interview Dates Indian Army

Indian Army has published the list of TES 30th cut off marks and SSB interview allotment centre. All shortlisted candidates will be facing SSB interview for Technical Entry Scheme 30th at SSB Allahabad, Bhopal and Bangalore. Cut off marks for TES 30th PCM is 82%, candidates having 82% and above in their PCM are eligible for TES 30th SSB interview. SSB interview dates for TES 30thΒ are being updated by Indian Army.

TES 30th SSB Interview Allotment Centre

  • No of candidates for Allahabad: 7318
  • No of candidates for Bhopal: 4326
  • No of candidates for Bangalore: 2916

Total number of candidates shortlisted for TES 10+2 Army: 14595

TES 30th SSB Interview Dates Indian Army

TES-30th 10+2 SSB Interview Dates

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  • akash vishwakarma

    i have got 90.67 % in pcm ,yet i have not been shortlisted for ssb interview.why is it so?

    • Ratnender

      applied for ssb in army or navy?

      • akash vishwakarma

        i applied for the army…submitted every document as per their notification..still to my shock i was not shortlisted for ssb…should i write a letter for explanation to them?

        • Ratnender

          (9095) (419087) (akash vishwakarma) (ajay vishwakarma) (27-Apr-1995) you r shortlisted for bhopal.

          • akash vishwakarma

            THANK YOU sir…actually i checked the first 50 pages as i saw it was roll no. wise and not finding my name was shocker …anyways thank u …:-)

          • Ratnender

            no need to say thanks its my duty dear @akashvishwakarma:disqus

          • Shivam Nijhawan

            @ratnender:disqus my roll no is 430713 my pcm cut off is 86 i too cant fynd my name can u help please

          • Ratnender

            Dear Friend, i had searched your name and your roll no also but couldn’t found anything related you. Either you are fraud or something is wrong with you so contact ssb for this.

          • Dhananjay Upadhyay

            A good job.

        • IMQ

          Are you sure? Check it properly as @ratnender:disqus said.

          • Ratnender

            ok check page no 138 in allotment list

  • santhosh

    how to know ssb date boss????????????.give me an idea plz πŸ™‚

    • Dhananjay Upadhyay

      visit: joinindianarmy.nic.in click on “officer’s” then click on “candidate status” then click on “10+2TES/interview centre”

      • Manjeet

        bro this is showing of tes -29 and we want to know about tes -30

        • Dhananjay Upadhyay

          bro i think dates are not published. check your e-mail id.

          • Manjeet

            ohk i will check it.
            Can u tell me procedure to be followed for verification of document in nda 1 ??

          • Dhananjay Upadhyay



          • Manjeet

            ohkkkkkk. but when i called them they said that u have to get your documents verified πŸ™

          • Dhananjay Upadhyay

            may. its not Army then. what was your first preference?

          • Manjeet

            Air force. It is written in the result pdf that we have to submit the documents.
            Check This http://www.upsc.gov.in/exams/written-results/nda1/2013/WR_NDA1_2013.pdf

          • Dhananjay Upadhyay

            ohh i think u must call this num once 011-23385271/011-23381125 / 011-23098543 . and documents must be brought during SSB. m not sure call them. thank you.

          • Manjeet

            yup i ringed them and they said that bring the documents within period of 1 month after result declaration and get them verified. I wanted to know that i dont have dob certificate so what i am supossed to bring as proof of age?? Is class 12th and 10th marksheets be sufficent???

          • Dhananjay Upadhyay

            for age proof 10th admit card/ marksheet/pass certificate is required. thank you.

          • Manjeet

            thnxxxx bhai πŸ™‚

          • Dhananjay Upadhyay


          • Dhananjay Upadhyay

            now its ok.?

  • Tanush Dhamija

    i have scored 85% in pcm and still my name is not present in the list.. why?. I have submitted all the necessary documents.. any idea?

    • Tanush Dhamija

      sorry.. i didnt see.. by mistake.. my name is there in the list.. apologies!.

  • Abhishek

    can u tell ssb date of shortlisted candidate

  • Abhishek

    I want to know ssb Date of Bhopal SSB

    • Dhananjay Upadhyay

      Not yet published.

  • Abhishek

    sir when will come NDA I 2013 result

  • somesh kumar thapa

    sir i have got 83.67%… i haven’t been shortlisted..

  • Tushar Sawhney

    yaar i have been alloted bangalore but my hometown is also bangalore..Wat shud i do nw???

    • Dhananjay Upadhyay

      call them.

      • Ratnender

        call for what?

        • Dhananjay Upadhyay

          1. Local Candidates. Withhold your move and contact us in case you or your parents reside or

          work at Allahabad, or have a relative in this Selection Centre East. Further instructions regarding change

          of Centre will be intimated to you immediately on receipt of such confirmation from you. Withholding

          information or giving false information in this regard will render you liable for cancellation of

          candidature and or disqualification of commission in case detected subsequently.

          bro in my call letter for Allahabad it is written carefully,

  • Dinesh

    Sir, I am Dinesh from Chennai, I have applied for TES 30 (PCM % is 90.33). I am not able to find my name in the shortlisted candidate. Could you please let me know how to proceed further. Roll no : 410374 .

  • ojasvi saxena

    my pcm % is 85% but my name is not there….roll no. 414153…i m shocked…ehat is this happening…

  • shashank sharma

    anyone got ssb date from bhopal

  • Sarthak Oberoi

    ssb dates for bhopal,
    havnt recievd ny e-mail

  • himanshu gupta

    my ssb centre is bhopal and i have checked my mail box but i dont get the dates what should i do?

  • Sonu Pratap Sharma

    Sonu pratap sharma
    what is the ssb date for 10+2 (b.tech) cadet entry dec 13 batch??

  • lakshay

    all of my friends have got their ssb call up letter but i haven’t…what should i do

  • Sonu Pratap Sharma

    how to know ssb dates of 10+2 (b.tech) cadet dec 13 batch???? can any body answer me plzz……..

  • karan naik

    Sir plz tell me how to get dates for tes 30 .my centre has come at allahabad bt my email id has been hacked…..

    Plzzz help me.!!

    • Dhananjay Upadhyay

      reset your password.

  • Shaik Jansaida

    hi dhananjay upadhyay i didnt recieve any letter or email regarding tes-30 but my name is mentioned in the list and my centre is given as bangalore but i dont know my ssb interview date can u plz give any suggestion regarding this?

  • Gourabh Singh

    Gourabh Singh
    I am unable to fetchup any details about dates of TES 30 SSB. Kindly tell something.

  • Maninder Dakaunda

    what is mean by regular date&absentee date of reporting,ref no………………..sir

  • vishwas shandil

    please put the ssb dates of tes 30 bhopal

  • Manoj Dahiya

    give me tha ssb dates of tes 30 at bhopal

  • Prakhar Gupta

    sir i am selected for ssb in bhopal for 10+2 btech cadet entry in navy…i didn’t understand will they pay my travelling charge in train fafter i buy the ac 3 tier ticket or they will send the ticket to me???? please tell me

  • Pankaj Sangwan

    Hiii, , pls help me,, I havnt recive my call letter til now, why , ?? And I hav gan 83.66% in pcm ,, of 10+2tes

  • Nilesh Raj

    can you pls tell me whether PCM percentage is considered in preparation of TES merit list

  • gopi ram

    hello frns.. its ma first attmept for ssb .. i m bit nervous .. becsue evrbdy. told that its a a huge hazard proces.,can anybdy share the etire process with me who knows evrthng . nd either get selected or having acqu
    teces for the gall process. plz plz help me frnds