September 13, 2013

Word Association Test Examples With Sample Answers #1

Word Association Test With Sample Answers #1 Aspirants we are now publishing word association test example series for your practice, below you can find actual words from word association test of psychological test conducted during stage 2 of SSB interview. All the responses are just for sample purpose and may differ from one another. Please do not take these responses for granted.

Word Association Test With Sample Answers #1

WAT Examples With Sample Answers

  • Award: Awards boost confidence.
  • Punishment: Punishments are meant for correction.
  • Begin: A good beginning increases chances of success.
  • Leader: A good leader cares for his subordinates.
  • War: War causes all round destruction.
  • Anger: Anger Management enhances personality.
  • Fault: It takes courage to admit faults.
  • Obedient: An obedient student is admired by teachers.
  • Dispute: Disputes can be solved by mature outlook.
  • Film: Good films give a message to the society.
  • Puzzle: Puzzles are a good brain exercise.
  • Election: Elections are pillars for democracy.
  • Government: People’s support is needed for good governance.
  • Encourage: Little encouragement boosts confidence.
  • Complete: Work when completed gives satisfaction.
  • Opposition: A strong opposition forms a stable parliament.
  • Conversation: Conversations improve relations.
  • Dream: Dream big to achieve more.
  • Limitation: Limitations are necessary for discipline.
  • Exploitation: Child exploitation needs to be stopped.

Practice WAT

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