AFCAT 1 2018 Result and SSB Interview

AFCAT 1 2018 online exam was conducted on 25th Feb 2018 by C-DAC, and it will be conducted soon in few online test centers where candidates were not able to give the AFCAT exam due to technical errors. Once the AFCAT 1 2018 is done, IAF will publish the result after a 30 days time. So we can expect that the AFCAT 1 2018 result would be coming by the end April 2018. There are many candidates who are going for AFCAT for the first time and not aware of the AFCAT and AFSB interview procedures. In the post, you can find more details related to AFCAT 1 2018 results and SSB interview dates and procedure.

What will AFCAT 1 2018 result be declared?

As the AFCAT 1 2018 got delayed at some online test centres, the AFCAT 1 2018 result will come near the end of April 2018 as it hardly takes 30-40 days for the AFCAT result to come out after the exam.

How To Check AFCAT 1 2018 Result?

AFCAT 1 2018 result will be published on the official AFCAT website which is managed by C-DAC. We hope that apart from just the AFCAT result, whole AFCAT 1 2018 question paper with the answer marked by the candidate and the correct answer will be available to download as it is an online exam. 

What after Clearing AFCAT 1 2018?

Congrats, the game has just begun, you have a long way to go, but it is very necessary for you to understand what you are going to face, then only you can start preparing for it and prepare better for it. Once you clear the AFCAT 1 2018 written exam, you are required to select your AFSB interview date (SSB Interview) and Venue. You can choose any venue from different Air Force selection boards i.e. 1 AFSB, 2 AFSB, 3 AFSB, 4 AFSB, 5 AFBS. Also, select an appropriate date for your SSB interview. The dates are allotted based on first come first served. In case you do not select a date for your AFCAT 1 2018 SSB Interview, you will get a date assigned automatically, which might not be right for you, so always choose a date after checking the reservations.

How to Prepare for AFCAT 1 2018 SSB Interview?

SSB Interview is a long process and it surely needs preparation, the preparation will start by arranging documents and certificates, hall ticket, making your traveling reservations, booking hotel room if required, so on and so forth. These preparations are required for your own comfort, if you have failed to provide the required documents, you will be sent back home, so do not avoid such things and make sure you have all the arrangments done and items handy for your Airforce SSB Interview.

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AFSB Interview Day Wise Procedure

Candidates who are short-listed on the basis of AFCAT/EKT will be called for further testing at one of the Air Force Selection Boards (AFSBs) at Dehradun, Mysore, Gandhinagar,
Varanasi or Kancharapara. Candidates who opt for flying branch can opt for Dehradun, Mysore and Varanasi only. The testing would consist of three stages as given below:-

(a) Stage-I:Test consisting of Intelligence Test along with other tests will be conducted on the first day. Stage-I test is a screening test and only those who qualify would undergo subsequent testing. All Stage-I qualified candidates would be subjected to document check to ascertain their eligibility for the branches applied for. Those candidates who either do not qualify in Stage-I or do not meet the required eligibility criteria would be sent back on the first day itself.

(b) Stage-II: Testing consisting of Psychological, Group Tests and Interview will be conducted on subsequent days (Five Days).

(c) For Flying Branch: Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS) would be administered to eligible candidates. This is once in a lifetime test. Candidates who have failed the (CPSS)/PABT in an earlier attempt or a Flight Cadet suspended from flying training at Air Force Academy will not be eligible to apply.

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