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20 Latest Group Discussion Topics For AFSB Interview 2022

GDs are conducted to assess the ability of a candidate to fit in a group and influence it, solve problems, make decisions, communicate effectively, remain calm in a stressful situation and stay positive.

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Some of the important positive personality traits that a candidate must possess to do well at a GD includes communication skills, knowledge of the topic, appropriate body language, reasoning ability, leadership qualities, conflict management, the ability to be a team player with most priority among other OLQs.

Here is the compilation of 20 latest and probable GD topics from various sources for AFSB interview this season:

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  1. Should President’s Rule still be in Indian law book?

Article 356 of the Indian Constitution allows imposition of President’s rule in case the state government fails to function properly. The recent imposition of President’s rule is on Uttrakhand and the same in Arunachal Pradesh is still highly debated. Should the President’s rule still prevail in a democracy like India?

  1. Agni V, India’s new ICBM is it enough?

India’s first intercontinental ballistic missile, Agni-V has a range of 5,000-km. Agni-V was successfully tested for the first time in its canister-launch version, which will give the armed forces the requisite operational flexibility to swiftly transport and fire the ballistic missile from anywhere they want. Is Agni V enough to protect India’s boundaries?

  1. Indo-US nuclear Deal. Is it the right step for India?

It is only in 2014 that there has been some course correction in Washington and New Delhi over the historic nuclear deal. If in 2005 it was the nuclear deal that opened the door to a strategic partnership, in 2015 it is the strategic partnership that has enabled a closure on the deal. Is the Indo-US nuclear deal a right step for India?

  1. Should we have Hindi as our national language?

In order for our county to be united, we should all be able to speak and write in a single language – Hindi. But at the same time, Hindi is spoken by north Indians only. If Hindi is made an official language it will be convenient for only north Indians and the Southerns would feel discriminated. Should we have Hindi as our National Language?

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  1. Should Water Parks and Pools be closed in summers?

Water scarcity is on rise in India. Dams, bore wells, and pumps are drying up with a decrease in water supply. Drought like conditions is on rise, agitating people in villages and towns. Yet water parks and pools are in full swing and drawing water that could be used for common man’s consumption. Should the water parks and pools be closed in peak summers or should they be allowed to operate with the reimbursement of water?

  1. Are we forgetting our seven Sisters?

Sikkim and seven sisters of North East India represent seven percent of Indian area and 3.7% of Indian population. These figures hide the immense diversity of languages, ethnicity, culture and biodiversity as well as the wealth of natural resources. But till date most of the Indians can’t even name all the seven sisters in one go. Are we forgetting our seven sisters to be a part of India?

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  1. Is it right to censor public display of affection in India?

PDA is frowned on in our society. For some reason, young lovers holding hands, hugging or otherwise showing affection in public is regarded as un-ethical in Indian movies, let alone in public. Is it right to censor PDA in a generation that do not even mind it?

  1. Should Army’s Command Exit Policy be implemented?

The Command Exit Model focuses to reduce the age profile of battalion and brigade commanders in select combat arms by reducing command tenures and increasing number of vacancies for the same. This was based on recommendations of the Kargil Review Committee and as suggested by the A.V. Singh (AVS) Committee on cadre review that expanded the number of vacancies in the rank of Colonels and above in its report in 2003.

  1. Hard Work versus Smart Work. Which is better?

A hard worker puts his all his physical efforts and needs to do work. Smart Worker puts his mental effort planning the physical effort to do work and takes less time as compared to a hard worker. How important is working Hard than working smart?

  1. Which is a bigger threat? Naxalism, Maoism or terrorism?

A soldier fighting Maoists deep inside the jungles of central and south-central India is far more likely to be killed than his uniformed brothers taking on militants in Jammu and Kashmir, or insurgents in the North-east. Rebels in the Red zone are killing more soldiers than are dying in all insurgency-hit areas put together. So, which is a bigger threat to India, Naxalism, Maoism or Terrorism?

  1. Reorganization of states on linguistic basis. Is it justifiable?

Until 1947, as long as everyone had a common goal to “oust the British”, things were fine. It was pretty much a case of Bharat Mata ki Jai all along. But after that was accomplished, the fight for a share in the power/economy/development pie became the common yet differentiated goal, which assumed various forms, one of which being – linguistic identity and division of the country based on languages spoken. Is it justifiable in a democracy where everyone has a right to speak his own language?

  1. Does Indian education system need reform?

The educational institutions in richer countries and in private schools we expect the standard of education to be higher. We also expect the students to have access to better resources. If the money is available then it can be spent on better resources so students can learn through doing experimentation, etc. Also money can be spent on training teachers at the educational institution and providing better salary for teaching staff. But people with no money would miss out on all these. So, does the Indian education system need a reform?

  1. Is Indian media playing a proper role?

The media, along with art and literature, must help the people in their struggle against poverty, unemployment, and other social evils in contemporary India. What do we see on television these days? Some channels show film stars, pop music, disco and fashion parades, astrology or cricket. Is Indian media playing a proper role in conveyance of peoples’ feeling and struggle?

  1. Will banning days like Valentine’s Day, kiss day or hug day, restore our culture?

Throughout the years we do pujas and prayers. In spite of that if we need to celebrate one day to celebrate love at par with other days like Durga puja, Ganesh puja, Eid, Christmas etc., will it not be justifiable or will banning days like Valentine’s Day, kiss day or hug day, restore our culture?

  1. We have a democratic system but not democratic values.

The Constitution of India was planned to keep the nation together, to take it on progressive path, to heal the past wounds, to make people from different communities and castes move forward in a common political environment. It wanted to take care of democratic institutions. But considering the present condition of democracy in India, the painstaking efforts of Constitution makers seem worthless. Do you believe that “India has a democratic system but no democratic values?”

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  1. Interest hike from RBI.

Indian economy, where the divide between the rich and poor has always been huge, growth is bound to first give benefits for the rich. The rich are becoming richer and poor, poorer. With the inflation in Indian market, what could be the significance and effect of Interest hike from RBI?

  1. The future of Dassault Rafale Deal.

36 aircraft hardly make up for two and a half fighter squadrons. And with the deal taking highs and lows periodically, what could be the future of Dassault Rafale Deal?

  1. Is online shopping going against the local retailers?

With online shopping gaining currency among the middle class, the threat of physical stores getting cannibalised is clear. But while online shopping has been a boon for customers, in cases, it’s proving to be a death knell for retail businesses. Discuss your views on this?

  1. What does India need in military modernization?

Years of mismanagement have been disastrous for India’s defence. For the Indian armed forces military modernisation has heavily been dependent on the government’s thinking of its need. While Indian military is being modernised, what does it need for this step? Are the acquisition and upgrades of weapons enough or our soldiers need personal protection gear too?

  1. Is Arnab Goswami’s style of journalism ethical?

It’s ironic that Arnab Goswami has gone into outrage overdrive with the hashtag #NirbhayaInsulted. Ironic because night after night, Goswami makes his living and ratchets up the TRPs by insulting all kinds of people – many of them his own guests on his show. Is Arnab Goswami’s style of journalism ethical for its viewers?

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