6 Major Operations Conducted By Indian Navy

The Indian Navy has just celebrated Navy Day on 4th December. The day is celebrated for the victory of Indian Navy in operation Trident during Indo -Pak war in 1971. The Indian Navy has the least number of soldiers as compared to the other services of the Armed Forces. But it had given its best in some of the operation that led India to dominate in the war times.

Indian Navy in Action
Indian Navy in Action

The Indian Navy has expanded a lot in the past few decades, but Indian Navy has made some exceptional performance some operations, which are as follows:-

  • Op Raahat

    The operation was conducted by Indian Armed Forces in 2015 for the evacuation of people from war hit Yemen. INS Sumitra was deployed to evacuate people and INS Mumbai and INS Tarkash were sent to provide protection to the vessel. Not only Indian nationals, but foreigners were also evacuated from Yemen at the time of internal disturbance.

  • Op Parakram

    It was a major standoff between India and Pakistan in 2002. The Indian Navy was also a part of it. In this operation 26 cadets under a Navy captain were from Indian Navy’s side and it was the first time in Indian Defense history when cadets were part of any operation.

  • Op Trident

    It is the offensive operation of Indian Navy over Pakistan, when the Indian Navy attacked over the Karachi port of Pakistan in the 1971 Indo- Pak war. Indian Navy celebrated Navy day on 4 December to mark the victory of this operation where Indian Navy used anti-ship missiles for the first time and destroyed many ships of Pakistan without any loss on the Indian side.

  • Op Python

    It was followed after operation Tirdent in which Karachi port was attacked during Indo- pak war 1971. In this operation Indian Navy attacked the Pakistani ships at Karachi port managing to strike one ship of Pakistan without any loss to any of the Indian ship.

  • Op Talwar

    Operation Talwar was planned during Kargil war in 1999. Indian Navy prepared a blockade for the Pakistani boats near the Karachi port to stop the supply of oil and fuel. Indian Navy also threatened to cut the trade routes of the Pakistan and started patrolling in the Arabian Sea. Later Pakistan requested India about their shortage of fuel and respective steps were taken.

  • Op Cactus

    The operation was conducted to pacify the situation in Maldives and Srilanka in 1988. It was conducted by the Armed Forces of India, where Indian Navy was also involved actively. INS Godavari and INS Betwa were involved in the operation at the Srilankan coast.

Conclusion – Indian Navy is modernizing itself by inducting new and advanced war machines with high fighting ability. But decades ago, when Indian Navy was not too efficient, the Navy had showed its power and made India proud. In all the above operations, Indian Navy had suffered negligible loss, but stoke hard to the enemies in all possible and effective ways. All Navy aspirants should know these achievements of Indian Navy and must give their best in raising the valour of Navy in the future.




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