500 Antonym – Synonym For CDS / NDA Exams [SOLVED]

If you are preparing for defence exams like CDS and NDA exam, you will face a good number of Antonym – Synonym in the English question paper. Antonym – Synonym are commonly asked in most of the competitive exams here in India. Though the way of asking Antonym – Synonym questions could be different for every exam, the preparation for Antonym – Synonym is the same. You are required to improve your English vocabulary to excel in this test.

An antonym is the opposite of another word. Antonyms can be used to help show the contrast between two things or give clues to exactly what is meant. Below are some examples of antonyms:

  • Achieve – Fail
  • Idle – Active
  • Afraid – Confident
  • Ancient – Modern
  • Arrive – Depart

Synonyms can provide you with variety in speech or writing. There are endless examples of synonyms, making it easy for you to avoid overusing the same word and sounding repetitive. Some examples of synonyms include the following:

  • Amazing, astounding, surprising, stunning
  • Annihilation, destruction, carnage, extinction
  • Benefit, profit, revenue, yield
  • Brave, courageous, valiant, heroic
  • Center, middle, inside, midpoint
  • Cunning, keen, sharp, slick


Sample Questions From CDS and NDA

Each item in this section consists of a word in capital letters followed by four words or groups of words. Select the word or groups of words that is most similar in meaning to the word in capital letters.

1. AMBIGUOUS                        

(a) contrasting

(b) connivance

(c) vague

(d) wilful

Ans. (c) vague


(a) clarify

(b) calculate

(c) summarise

(d) update

Ans. (a) clarify


(a) dreary

(b) dreadful

(c) single-minded

(d) monologue

Ans. (a) dreary


(a) make fun of

(b) excite

(c) very kind

(d) kind-hearted

Ans. (b) excite


(a) very clean

(b) very special

(c) sense of taste

(d) magnificent

Ans. (d) magnificent


(a) diplomatic

(b) indifferent

(c) intelligent

(d) deceitful

Ans. (a) diplomatic


(a) very bad

(b) insatiable

(c) stingy

(d) malicious

Ans. (b) insatiable


(a) strictness

(b) stinging

(c) discipline

(d) censure

Ans. (d) censure


(a) homage

(b) pilgrimage

(c) subjugation

(d) obligation

Ans. (a) homage

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