Indian Army SSC Tech Entry 2018 Eligible Branch

As we all know SSC Tech entry is a special entry for engineering graduates for both male and female, to join the Indian army. Indian army publishes the SSC tech notification two times every year. Candidates who are studying in the final year or completed their graduation can apply for this entry, though, there are some conditions you must fulfil. We are going to mention few important criteria you must keep in mind before applying for this entry. As many engineering candidates apply for this entry and go for SSB interview, few of them who are not eligible are sent back on the same day without any testing. So, to save your time and money, you need to make sure if you are eligible for this entry or not.
How To Prepare for SSB Interview:

We are not going to talk about the age limit etc which is you can easily read in the official notification and decided, we are going to talk about the educational qualification, your branch, and percentage.

Eligible engineering branches for SSC Tech 2018

As per the latest notification, below are the eligible engineering branches for the SSC Tech 51 and SSCW 22. 

  • If your branch is not mentioned but a similar branch is mentioned below, you need to get a branch equivalency certificate from the university. For example branch A is eligible but your branch B which is similar to branch A is not mentioned. If you want to apply with your branch B, you need to get an equivalency certification from your university which proves that Branch A is similar to Branch B.ssc tech 2018

Can A Final Year Student Apply for SSC Tech

A final year student and one who has completed the engineering can apply for this entry if they full different eligibility criteria. For the final year candidates, it is very important to submit their certificate before the date of joining or the date mentioned in the notification, if you are not able to submit your documents in time, you are not eligible for the entry. For example, if the course date is Oct 2018, but you won’t be able to complete your engineering before Oct 2018, you are not eligible. 

  • Candidates who have passed the requisite Engineering Degree course or are in the final year of Engineering Degree course are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates studying in the final year of Engineering degree course should be able to submit proof of passing by 01 Oct 2018 and produce the Engineering Degree Certificate within 12 weeks from the date of commencement of training at Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • Such candidates will be inducted on Additional Bond Basis for recovery of the cost of training at Officers Training Academy (OTA) as notified from time to time as well as stipend and pay & allowances paid.
  • Candidates must note that for induction to Pre Commission Training Academy, after final selection, the minimum educational qualification is passing BE/B.Tech degree in the Engineering streams notified above.
  • To become eligible for induction into SSC (T)-51 (Men) and SSC (T)-22 (Women) course at Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai, Tamil Nadu, candidates studying in final year of engineering must ensure that he/she submits the proof of passing engineering degree exam by 01 Oct 2018 to Directorate General of Recruiting, failing which his/her candidature will be cancelled.

If your branch is not mentioned and you do not have an equivalent certificate, you won’t be considered eligible. Also, if you are not going to complete your engineering before the course date mentioned in the notification, you won’t be able to join the academy even if you clear the SSB interview and merit because to become eligible you have to provide your graduation certificates. 

How to prepare for SSC Tech

As you all know, SSC tech entry is a famous entry and lakhs of candidates apply for it every year. The reason behind the popularity is the direct entry, through this entry you will directly face the SSB interview unlike written exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT etc. But it also makes this entry difficult to crack as many candidates apply and attend the SSB interview. For a normal entry say CDS you might find 10-12 people in a group in PPDT round but in case of technical entries, you will find a group of 20-24 candidates in PPDT. But it doesn’t mean you can not crack it, if you prepare for the SSB interview with full dedication, it will not only help you for tech entries but also for different entries. Below are few books we would suggest you go through.

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