November 21, 2014

How To Get Success In SSB ?

How To Get Success In SSB ?
“There is no hope in the dark I see... but only in the light that reveals it to me!! “ ~~ Unknown
The Service selection board has stringent parameters that test the candidate and declare them fit for the defence services. These selections are purely based on the availability of officer like qualities (OLQ’s) in the candidate and nothing more than that. Many aspirants who come to join my mentor ship program ask me some of the doubts which I would clear now.
  1. English should be good while going to SSB? I would like to say that though English is not the necessary language to speak in and you will be provided with the option of speaking in Hindi, but English being the common language that could be understood by all as people come from all places in India. So in greater interest English should be used when in groups or performing group activities.

NDA 1 2014 Merit List

NDA 1 2014  Merit List
NDA 1 2014 Merit List. NDA 1 2014 final merit list is declared by UPSC today, final merit list and joining instructions will be coming on official website of army, navy and air force. Merit list of NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY AND NAVAL ACADEMY EXAMINATION (I), 2014 by UPSC consists name of 342 candidates who have qualified in NDA written exam and SSB interview. Medical status of these candidates will be published by army, navy and airforce on their website very soon.


November 20, 2014

TGC 121 Notification Expected Date

TGC 121 Notification Expected Date
Technical Graduate Course or TGC 121 is an entry through which engineering graduates (only Male) can join the Indian Army. This entry is for Permanent Commission in the Army. Engineering graduates can apply for it. The next entry in this line will be TGC-121 entry. TGC is a direct entry scheme. Let us see the details regarding the same:
  • Expected Date of Notification: End of November 2014
  • Course Commencement: July 2015
  • Age: 20 and 27 years as of first day of month in which course is due to commence.
  • Qualification: BE / B Tech final appearing & degree holders in notified streams of Engineers.

Regime To Get Fit Quickly

how to get fit for ssb interview
Guys, we at SSBCRACK not only take care of your intellectual and informational needs but also your physical attributes. Physical fitness is a pivotal prerequisite for joining the forces but we often tend to neglect it and postpone it. We are today sharing a model fitness plan to be followed religiously to lose those extra kilos fast and become like Akshay Kumar in HOLIDAY(not kidding)
But before following this plan keep in mind that in order to change your physicality, you must not binge on fried items like aloo chips, pakodas, vada pavs and say strict no no to sugar like colas, ice creams cakes chocolates etc.
Your diet should consist of moderate carbs, proteins, limited fat, vitamins and minerals. It is advised not to eat after 8pm in the night and not to skip any meal. Also drink lots of water throughout the day. Include fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet.

Fake It Till You Make It

Fake It Till You Make It
Well, you can't agree more to this old age adage. You all (like me) must be visiting this insightful page quite frequently. But when it comes to the starting point, we get a headache. In this post we would like to point out various cardinals everyday habits which would not only enable you to be successful in SSB but also in various other attributes of life.

1. SMILE FREQUENTLY:- That's right, though it might seem a hare brained idea but it is scientifically proven that people who smile quite often are more likely to be happy and successful than who don't. And relax, you don't own all the problems in the world.

2. PLAN :-  Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Given this competitive world, one cannot afford to be complacent. Procrastinators are a big NO- NO in the defence forces.

November 19, 2014

AFCAT 1 2015 Notification by

AFCAT 1 2015 Notification
Recently official website of Indian Air Force has published the expected date of AFCAT 1 2015 Notification. The Air Force Common Admission Test, which is a gateway for every IAF aspirant to realize their dream of flying high, will be conducted in the month of  February. This is the first AFCAT of 2015. Indian Air Force will start accepting the applications in the month of December. Hence get ready to fill up the forms and start the preparations for the same. Given below are some important information’s relating to the AFCAT 1 2015

November 17, 2014

Is SSB Allahabad Really a Rejection Board?

Is SSB Allahabad Really a Rejection Board?
Selection Center East (SCE) is located in Allahabad and consists of five service selection boards 11 SSB, 14 SSB, 18 SSB, 19 SSB and 34 SSB, which are all the selection boards of Indian Army. This is, by far the biggest Selection board of Indian Army. In case of NDA and CDSE the candidates who give their first priority as Army might be asked to report to this Selection Center. In case of special entry schemes, technical entry schemes and direct entry schemes of Indian Army, candidates might be called to this selection board for the interview. As this is a very large selection center, so there are a lot of candidates reporting here. There is a general myth among the candidates that this selection board is a rejection board. While some others say that this board is a rejection board. Let us look into further details of this point:
  1. Since this is a very large selection center, where there are five boards under it, so the number of candidates reporting is high naturally. This speaks volumes about the large number of rejections that happen here. Since the number of rejection that happen in SSB is directly proportional to the number of candidates reporting so it is self-explanatory.
  2. There is no term like rejection board. The Selection boards work on a set procedure. They’ll take all the candidates if they have OLQ’s and reject all if they don’t have. So SSB is a game of OLQ’s and not numbers.

Fauji Brats Have Better Chances of Success in SSB, Yes or No?

I have heard many candidates in SSB saying that the board is partial towards the Fauji brats. They always take in those having their parents in defence at high positions. Candidates complain that while filling the PIQ form only the Fauji brats are asked to explicitly mention the ranks of their parents, if they are in defence. Through this article I aim to clear this myth out of your minds, by giving some substantial reasons. It is quiet natural to love the organization you work for, for so many years. It is also not surprising to have a soft corner for those who have worked for the same organization. You would have felt an instant connect with the people of your school, college or city when you see them outside somewhere.
Indian Army Biggest Family

The selection board has duty above favoritism. Some of them course might feel a certain soft corner for the kids with a defence background, but in the end it is not one test that counts. There are several tests that count, and qualifying each is based on the OLQ’s which one possesses not the background. For those candidates who think bribing is possible in SSB, let me tell you, it is even more than impossible! There are defence background kids who don’t make it, so it proves well enough that OLQ’s are important not the background.

Screened Out’s Exclusive: 10 Tips to Perform Well in Screening

screening test tips
There are a few candidates who are not able to clear the first stage of screening and thus return back on the first day itself. The first stage testing is also called the screening test. Screening basically comprises of two tests, Officers Intelligence and Rating Test (OIR) and PicturePerception and Discussion Test (PPDT). Both the tests hold equal importance and if you are not able perform well in any one of them; chances are that you might be screened out. Some of you must be those unlucky few who have been screened out many times; here are a few tips for you to perform well in screening:
  1. The most important thing is remove the myth from your mind that OIR is less importance. A certain level of basic intelligence is importance, and you need to perform well in this test. So just keep in mind that both the tests are equally important.
  2. Practice the reasoning questions before going for SSB. The reason why OIR becomes more important is because many times there are cases where the Discussion of PP&DT becomes like a fish market, then there may be chances that your OIR score will be given weightage, so why take a risk with it.
  3. Write a sensible story on the picture you see, never write a story which you have made previously, which has no connection with the shown picture.
  4. Listen to the instructions in the tests very carefully, this point is very important. You need to adhere to the instructions very closely.

November 16, 2014

Improving Core Aspects of Personality Can Only Lead Success in SSB – Part2

Gen Bikram Singh
Your can read Part -1 here. Core aspects are such values and morals that might differ from place to place but are very core and unmovable objects that decide the character of the person. And you would be surprised to know that such elements are only being judged at SSB. Now the important questions are that when such things are not movable what do people who say that we will train you will change in a small span of time. Aspirants should remember that these aspects need time to change and hence they should start the process of preparation or I would call it introspection should begin well in time. I refuse few aspirants who ask for my mentorship when their SSB is just two week apart as this time is not sufficient to induce change, and mentoring such people mean it’s not justice with their personality.

November 15, 2014

Beating Nervousness in SSB

Beating Nervousness in SSB
It is very common to get nervous before anything important in your life. For those of you, who have had the dream of wearing the uniform since an infinite period of time, it is natural to get nervous when you are just a few steps away from realizing this dream. It becomes even difficult to control getting nervous if you have great expectations to succeed in something. But this nervousness can affect your performance to a great extent. So here are a few tips which you can use to beat this nervousness:
  1. There is nothing at stake. There is nothing to lose. All that can happen is gain only. So there is basically nothing to worry about. Keep these words in your mind.
  2. Take deep breath. This will relax your mind to a great extent. People just hear this thing and ignore it but this can really be therapeutic. So next time when you are nervous just close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  3. One great way to avoid nervousness is preparation. If you are preparing well in advance, there are much less likely ways that you’ll be nervous. So yes advance preparations help a lot.
  4. One big way to avoid nervousness just before the interview is by not asking other what questions they were asked. Everybody is a unique person with unique personality, the questions in the interview are personality specific most of the time and if you hear other people’s questions they are most likely to differ from yours.

Improving Core Aspects of Personality Can Only Lead Success in SSB – Part1

SSB Interview  Personality Tips
Serving motherland is always a honour that one can get in his or her lifetime but it’s a big responsibility too. And hence it cannot be given to everyone. A very stringent selection procedure is justified in this sense because a high responsibility work is awarded after that. SSB is such one procedure running in our country that is very much customised as per our requirement and developed specially to suit the Indian needs. It’s the only procedure where constant supervision is kept for continuous five days and a simulated environment is provided to gauge the capabilities of the candidates so that they prove their worthiness and earn the coveted title of serving our motherland.
But the question is what they look in those five days. Very simple they only look for few aspects of our personality that are core to us. The todays heading answers all the doubts as these are the only aspects that are being judged at SSB. To understand the core aspects of one personality one should self-introspect on following key area:
  • How a person is brought up?
  • What important events have shaped his/her life and the impact of such events?
  • Which places and facilities I have lived with?
  • Who all are the important people one has lived with and the impact of the thought process of such people?
  • Vision/ Mission of one’s life?

November 14, 2014

Why There is No Shortcut to Success at SSB?

Why There is No Shortcut to Success at SSB?
In the fast moving life it has become the tendency of human to take short cut in life and achieve success. If we exclude the adult population of our country and see the youth which forms the major chunk of our young India, they are mostly influenced by this culture to gain success with shortcuts in life. Some might achieve but believe me if the fundamentals are not strong, such success is not stagnant for a long time. Success achieved with strong fundamentals and hard work is always valued and lives long. We might be proud of young India but personally I am worries with this habit of youngsters. I am more worried with people who want to dedicate themselves for serving our motherland by joining defence forces and are habitual to such things.
Has any big personality is ever found saying that I achieved the position by shortcuts or in a small town. There are few who are born with the silver spoon in their mouth. But remember you and I don’t belong to that category. Why? Simple you are reading this article because you want to dedicate yourself to motherland and I have written to it because this is something close to my heart and I have done a lot of research in this area.

Importance of BODY LANGUAGE in Public Speaking

Importance of BODY LANGUAGE in Public Speaking
A good speaker is someone who has equal impact from what he speaks an from the body gestures. Research proves that in fact more than half of the impression is because of what you don’t speak and depends on your body language. A person has a control over his words but body cannot be instantaneously controlled if you don’t have the proper etiquette’s of reacting while giving the public speech. Body language comprises of gestures that occur while speaking on face, hand etc. Also the facial expressions add to the beauty of representing things.
Effective body language is sufficient to support the message and project a strong image of the presenter. Audience keeps themselves live in the presentations of speakers whose body eject energy through positive body language. The entire message if supported by the body language has more impact as compared to the message which has weak sign used in body language.  The impact of message is doubled with the positive body language and the involvement of the audience increases. Lecturette and other places where a persona has to convey his thought process to a larger audience should use the following tips:

How to Perform Well in Lecturette

How to Perform Well in Lecturette in GTO Task
In defence officers are expected to lead a large force and for its success its necessary that individual should have a skill to communicate his or her thoughts properly to men and people around. The same is simulated through the exercise that we are about to discuss now. The important thing here is that it’s a individual assessment round where you need to perform all alone. Candidates should emphasis specially on such rounds where GTO officer has full time to analyse the personality of individual. Other such rounds are psychology, PI, GPE, IO, command task, at such places you should perform with utmost perfection as full views and qualities are observed and confirmed at such places. Unlike to say aspirant’s performance should be flawless in full process, but these rounds need special care as in other rounds group and team performances are judges which can be managed through other qualities.

GD Topic Series: Co-education in India

GD Topic Series: Co-education in India
Co - education simply means participation of both the sexes in the education process simultaneously. This culture is common in western countries but this is not so common practice in educational institutes in India. Sex differentiation has been a major practice that has been there prevalent in India. The changing mind-set has affected the process and now many places co-education schools can be seen however the rural India still remains unchanged.
The co-education process has its own advantage. The process does not affect studies as the Gen y is a matured generation unlike the Gen x or the boomers where the sense of understanding was bit low and there were many precautions that were taken. Also the condition of women at that time was not at all good and they were just home makers. But with changing times women have proved themselves in lot of ways and the mind-set of people changed. Now our youth knows their responsibilities and they have ambition to achieve heights. They have values and want to prove their mettle. Also the presence of other sex creates a sense of competition and forces everyone to perform better.

November 13, 2014

2 AFSB Mysore AFSB Interview Experience

2 AFSB Mysore AFSB Interview Experience
Hi guys, I am Harikrishnan and I am from Kerala.I am also a defence aspirant and this time I had cleared the AFCAT exam with 139 marks.When the result was published ,I was very happy and I didn’t know what to do next.Luckily one of my friend had attended the AFSB interview earlier and he passed me with many information that was really useful for me. He advised me to  take a little bit of coaching before going to the AFSB. I asked the same to my father, and he said that since this is my first time, I should go there without any coaching as it will also give me a chance to know myself without any interruption from these coaching centres. Unfortunately, the date of the CAT exam was announced and I wasn’t able to concentrate much on its studies. Hence, my parents and friends advised me to attend the AFSB before the CAT exam and the final decision was left to me.Therefore, I chose to attend AFSB before CAT because it would also provide me time to prepare for CAT. Thus I choose 3rd Nov as my AFSB date.        
              I left from my hometown to Mysore on 1st Nov and reached there on 2nd Nov. I took rest for some time, and then I went to Mysore palace and Chamundi hills and returned to my room before 8 pm and had a good sleep. I woke up at 5 in the morning and left for the railway station at 6.15am since the reporting time was at 6.45 am. I reached there in time and boarded the Air Force bus. The bus was filled with Air Force aspirants and we got  acquainted with each other. 92 candidates reported.After reaching there we had our breakfast and we were taken to the testing hall for the OIR test.We attended the test and then it was time for the much awaited PPDT test. A hazy picture was shown and we were informed to write a story about it in nearly four and half minutes. Since most of us were freshers ,many of them weren't able to complete the story in time. Then it was time for the discussion and we were taken to the discussion room in a group of 12. We had our discussion for nearly 7 minutes and we were not able to reach a common conclusion. Then it was time for the announcement of our results.

November 12, 2014

My SSB Experience at 14 SSB Allahabad (100th Course Non-Tech)

My SSB Experience at 14 SSB Allahabad
As a fresher, I was very excited to attend my first SSB for the Officers Training Academy, Chennai. On 25th of June, 2014, we gathered at the Allahabad MCO at 6 am as ours was the absentee batch. A representative from the Selection Centre came to escort us to the SSB. The number of people who were waiting to appear before the Board was amazing. 400 of us just stood in lines when we were equally divided into 14SSB and 19SSB.
Day 1 was all about documentation and the Stage 1 testing. It is very important to be absolutely particular in getting the documents correct. 10 people from my Board were denied further testing just because of faulty documentation. The first part of the Stage 1 testing comprises of the Officer’s Intelligence Rating Test will be conducted. Anybody with average intelligence will be able to solve the questions which basically consist of Logical Reasoning and Mathematical Reasoning. The next part is the most important part, the PPDT. PPDT as you all know by now is the Picture Perception and Description Test. A very hazy picture will be shown for about 15 seconds and the candidate is to write a story of about 100 words about the story. The next step is the GD where the candidate will be given one minute to read out the story and then it will be open to discussion. It is very important to write a story which has got a logical relation to the picture. Go wild on imagination but make it believable and workable. The key to the GD is smooth and confident narration, speaking for 2-3 times during the discussion and not to be arrogant or violent while projecting your arguments. Confidence is the key, during the entire SSB procedure; confidence will take you all the way. After the PPDT, the results are declared. Selected candidates are retained and the rest are taken back to the station. Please note that the selected candidates will have to fill up a Personal Information Questionnaire or PIQ. Be absolutely truthful about yourself in this form as this will be the medium by which the assessors will judge you. Remember, we may bluff even without realizing, hence, it is advisable to get your own PIQ form printed and fill it up as a practice.

November 11, 2014

Your Enemies at SSB: Fear and Expectation

When you reach the station while reporting for SSB, many of your hearts are thumping with fear, expectations, anticipation. But let me tell you, fear and expectation are the two things which are sure to bring your performance level down in SSB. Anticipation is okay, it is quiet natural to anticipate something which you have never been through, but for the repeaters even anticipation should not be there, as you have already been through that process once, so you know what all is awaiting.

Causes of fear in SSB:
Okay so let us see what all are the causes of fear when you go to SSB. In most cases it is the anticipation which turns into fear, as there is a very thin line between the two. So let’s say you reach the station, where you had to report. You see so many candidates, some with typical formal attire, and beaming confidence on their face, some with excellent communication skills, some with flaunting Fauji background and some with tons of knowledge. Now think yourself, how long does it take us to know somebody completely? A day, a month, a year & sometimes a lifetime. It is very difficult to judge somebody in just few hours of conversation or observation; why else do you think SSB keeps you for 6 days? So instead of getting affected from the people in your surrounding and thinking that they are superior just concentrate on yourself. Mentally revise what all you need to do in the upcoming task.
I can surely write an entire article on what are the causes of fear in SSB! Okay, so wait for that one!


Bead of Sweat, Thumping Heart: Causes of Fear in SSB

Fear in  SSB Interview
I mentioned in one of my articles that I can write a whole article on the causes of fear in SSB, so here I am with it. It is natural to be a little worried before something which holds a great importance in your life. But this worry, this fear can really cut away your chances to get through. I have observed many reasons for it, listing down them all. Some might appear funny, but they actually happen. You are free to comment any other reason you have felt. The aim of this article is to eliminate these fears.
  1. Once you wait for the SSB people to pick you up, you see variety of candidates around you. You feel that almost all are more talented than you. This is a clear case of under confidence. You are under pressure at that time, so obviously you’ll feel nervous. Everybody has talent. Even you. You are the best!
  2. After the psychological testing, everybody talks about the fancy stories they made, the awesome sentences they wrote. On comparing you find that yours were just too mainstream, or very normal. Now, are you a psychologist? Do you know on what basis a psychologist corrects your paper? I bet nobody knows, we can just have assumptions. SSB is not the time for assumptions. Instead of thinking about the previous task, think about the one coming next, you have just five days in your hand, and SSB is not about a single task.